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Staying Sane During Quarantine & Social Distancing

Mar 20th, 2020 by Blood Type Diet

In a world where the “new normal” is anything but, we want to be a source of solace. Wherever you are in the world, we are all experiencing varying degrees of social distancing or quarantine living. We are in this together as a global community. Since most of us have never dealt with anything like this before, we wanted to offer some advice, information, resources, recipes, etc. to help us get through this and come out the other side even better than before.

Follow the Blood Type Diet

Whether you’re just starting the Blood Type Diet or have been following for years, keep eating right for your type. We are in a difficult and uncertain time, and maintaining both you and your family’s health is priority. Be sure to eat a majority of beneficials to help keep your immune system strong. Our website and blog have many valuable resources to keep you on track. If you are just getting started on the diet, here are some tips and tricks. If you have kids, here is some great info on kids and the diet. Eating right for your type can also help you manage stress during these days stuck at home.

Meal ideas/Meal prep ideas

A good part about being home for long periods of time is the ability to meal prep and cook for yourself and your family (always try and find the silver lining!).

We have a lot of recipes that are right for all blood types on our blog, on our app, and we also offer blood type specific cookbooks! Here are some of our recommendations for meals you can make easily at home:


Overnight oats

Heart breakfast omelet

Green Smoothies


Salad jars

Quinoa Salmon Salad

Immune-Boosting vinaigrette


Souper Food Soup

Simple Salmon One-Skillet Dinner

Homemade Pizza

Snacks & More

Golden Milk Latte

White Bean Hummus

Seed Crackers

Our Unibars are also a handy, healthy, non-perishable snack that can be delivered to your doorstep!


It is important to remain physical during this period but that can be difficult when our schedules are thrown out of whack. However, there are tons of free resources available for at-home workouts with little or no equipment. YouTube and apps are loaded with a variety of workouts at varying difficulty levels, for all blood types, and many are for all ages. Keeping your kids active is also important during this time, and there are lots of videos and tutorials for kids exercises, like this one.

While we may be stuck at home, we can still make use of the outdoors. Playing a game outside, going for a jog, or bike ride are all still viable ways to exercise. Parks and trails are also available, just be sure to keep your distance from other people and wash your hands often.

Remember to exercise right for your type to avoid increased stress levels:

  • Type A’s - Yoga + tai chi (videos on youtube)
  • Type O’s - Higher intensity (inside)- squats, lunges, planks, push ups, HIIT, etc. Outside- biking/jogging in low pop. areas
  • Type B & AB - Biking/jogging/hiking in low pop. areas

Take a break from the News

News coverage of the virus is virtually non-stop, and while it's important to stay aware of the state of the world, it can be hard on your emotional, mental, and physical state. Taking a break for at least a few hours, if not a whole day, can help keep stress levels lower and help you focus on yourself and your family.

When you do access news sources, make sure the information you’re getting is from experts and studies not hearsay mindlessly shared on social media. This article outlines ways you can prepare yourself and your family. If you want up to date and verified information, follow Dr. D’Adamo’s Facebook page Journal Club with Dr. D’Adamo. If you don’t have Facebook, you can also follow his frequently updated Covid-19 blog.

Good Sleep Habits

Getting a good night’s rest is crucial to avoiding getting sick and managing stress. With everything going on, many of our minds are racing, and it can be hard to fall and stay asleep. Practicing good sleep hygiene and meditating before bed can help calm our bodies and our minds. Here is a piece by Martha on meditation for sleep.

Work on a hobby

One of the benefits of staying home is we do have more time. More time with our loved ones and more time for ourselves. Picking up a hobby you’ve always wanted to try, or that you used to love but have lost the time to do, can be a great way to combat boredness, stress, as well as getting better at or learning a new skill. Examples include: prepping your garden, being creative, practicing an instrument, learning to knit, house projects, organizing, early spring cleaning, etc.

Learn something new

If you have extra time, might as well use that time to improve your mind. Learning something new keeps your brain active and alert. There are tons of great documentaries and docu-series on streaming channels, as well as YouTube. You can download an ebook on nearly any topic. There are plenty of free apps and websites that allow you to learn an instrument or learn a language for free. Many universities are offering free courses, museums are offering virtual tours, broadway is airing performances online and even the Metropolitan Opera is offering free virtual concerts! If there’s something you're curious about, there is endless information on the internet just waiting for you.

Start a meditation habit

Meditation has many benefits for your mind and body, the biggest of which is managing stress. For tips on starting a meditation practice, check out this article. Websites, apps, and YouTube offer guided meditations and meditation help. is a great resource for meditation, and is offering free guided meditations and tips.

Combat loneliness

Do you have friends or loved ones that live alone? Or rely on visits from loved ones for their social life? Some may be going through a very rough time right now. Give them a call or schedule a video chat to catch up. Isolation can be very difficult. Check in on your loved ones.

Even group calls or video chats can give the feeling of being physically with friends. Video conferencing platforms like Zoom are waiving restrictions like time limits and fees to give people a way to connect with others. Netflix Party is another resource that allows you to watch movies with your friends from each of your homes.

Be patient with one another

Close quarters for prolonged periods of time can make even the best relationships difficult. Take this time to really practice patience. Be intentional about keeping a healthy level of space and taking breaks from one another. If you find yourself getting irritated, take a step back and go for a walk or go into another room and focus on something else like a book or relaxing music. This is another time when practicing meditation could be very beneficial.

Create a daily routine

Creating and sticking to a daily routine/schedule can add some normalcy to your time at home, taming some of the day to day chaos. There are lots of examples online, usually tailored towards keeping kids organized and entertained. Pinterest is also an invaluable resource for educational resources and activities for kids, like these cute scavenger hunts.

Here is an example of a schedule that you can adjust to fit your specific needs and life: