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Commitment to Excellence

Dear Health Consumer,

Thank you for taking the time to read though the website. I take great satisfaction in having created the D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition products. I believe our products are among the very best currently available to the general public. Many of these products were developed out of the needs of the D'Adamo Clinic.

I'd like to take a moment to thank all the dedicated people who work so tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that your order is filled correctly, packed safely, and shipped efficiently. It takes great people to make a great company, and it takes a great company to make a great product.

Yours In Health,

A Superior Philosophy of Employment

When you know specific information about your biochemical individuality, using supplements can become much more effective. For example, in blood type A, the absorption of certain minerals is enhanced by pairing them with specific amino acids.

Proper Dosage

Many supplements have unnecessary high doses of nutrients, introducing the risk of supplement overdose at one end, and wastefulness at the other. When we target supplement design to the individual, it assures not just the effective dose, but rather the proper dose: the minimum amount necessary to do the job.

Unstinting Quality

I've been designing and testing natural products for over three decades. Over the years I've seen many changes; small, artisan-based companies that took pride in their delivery, education and techniques being replaced by corporate systems indistinguishable from any other industry, staffed by people who would just as soon sell you a mobile phone contract. Under these circumstances cost-cutting becomes company policy. But does the cost-cutting lead to loss of quality? Very often. At North American Pharmacal (NAP) we just don't think that way. These are the same supplements that I give my kids, prescribe to my patients, and take myself. Larch is a good example. Most larch products in the marketplace are food-grade, with a high gum content. Our ARA6 always uses nutraceutical grade larch.

Science Based

Quality involves much more than just delivering what is promised on the label. For example, NAP uses a sea-plant derived calcium to make its PHYTOCAL series of individualized multiminerals. It is only found in one location in the ocean off the Beara Peninsula, in South Western Ireland. Our sea calcium grows for around five years in the crystal clear, pollution-free Atlantic waters, absorbing minerals and nutrients from the sea. The seaweed then falls to the ocean bed, where it becomes calcified. Local tidal patterns wash and gather it into one deep bed, the location of which is known to only a few people. We were the first company to market larch arabinogalactan (ARA6), now a staple of natural immune enhancement, almost twenty years ago.

Education, Not Marketing

Many stores will not stock NAP products because they consider the educational curve 'too steep.' Why spend an hour with a client explaining lectins (and perhaps educating yourself) when the vitamin E and calcium on the shelf just sell themselves? We strive to deliver high quality educational content with our products. Our customer service folks are enthusiastic followers of the diet themselves. When you see a NAP product on a store shelf, that's the sign of a store that is really interested in taking the time to help people.

Food as Medicine

Studies have repeatedly shown that nutrients work better when kept in their intact form. Vitamin C is a good example: synthetic ascorbic acid is less bioactive than vitamin C extracted from rose hips, and often requires lower doses to do the same job. However, extracting vitamin C from rose hips is quite expensive. Many manufacturers use the charade of putting a graphic image of rose hips on the label and advertising that their vitamin C formula is with rose hips, which can mean anything. We call this 'pixie dust formulating' --adding a minute amount of an ingredient so it can be mentioned in the ad copy. Our Proberry formulas give the straight truth: Its vitamin C content is derived from rose hips and other food sources. Big difference.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Our supplements are produced by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) manufacturers certified through the Natural Products Association, with an "A" compliance rating. Our materials are organically sourced whenever possible. We also have a number of Kosher-certified products.

Stearate-Free Products

We also have developed a method to produce stearate-free formulas.There has been much controversy over use of stearates (a form of hydrogenated oil) in the production of nutritional supplements. Stearates, often labeled as magnesium stearate, steric acid, or calcium stearate, are hydrogenated fats --typically cottonseed or palm oil-- that are frequently used in factories as lubricants to help the encapsulating machinery run faster and prevent the ingredients from clumping within the capsule.

Our veggie capsules are also completely hypoallergenic, so, no soy, wheat or gluten.

We will always strive to provide the very highest quality supplements made with the safest, most effective ingredients.