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Personalized nutrition doesn’t need to be complicated.

It starts with a single drop of blood.

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Who We Are

D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition is the realization of a more than three-decade partnership of Martha and Peter D'Adamo. As CEO, Martha coordinates the operational wizardry that makes everything happen, whilst Peter provides the science and inspiration behind all the product formulations. Besides developing the Blood Type Diet, Dr. D'Adamo has over three decades experience in natural products development. He is a distinguished professor emeritus in clinical medicine at the University of Bridgeport, and the recipient of the 2023 Leadership Award from the Integrative Healthcare Symposium. His work has since changed the lives of over ten million followers of The Blood Type Diet. He credits Martha with playing the key role in the overall success of the concept.

While the chief tenets of The Blood Type Diet have not changed in over two decades, what has changed is an increasing acceptance of the importance of blood type genetics as part of the overall equation that defines our individuality."
- Dr. Peter D'Adamo

Meet Dr. Peter D’Adamo

Dr. Peter D'Adamo

Learn how blood type lets you lead a more informed life

Customer Favorites


Seaweed-based supplement designed to promote optimal metabolic balance and thyroid health.


Supplement to promote healthy vasodilation and blood pressure while enhancing cognitive function.


Designed to block problematic food lectins that can negatively impact Blood Type O individuals.


Personalized probiotic for Blood Type A to support digestive health, immunity and weight loss.

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