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Shai H. - Blood Type Diet Success Story

Sep 30th, 2018

I work in a very high-stress environment and developed stomach ulcers that were huge sources of discomfort and distress. I was a practicing vegan at the time who had been eating that way for over twenty years. I tried all kinds of natural herbal remedies to resolve the problem, but couldn’t figure out what was causing them. After trying everything I could think of, I went to a naturopathic doctor who immediately asked my blood type. I had no clue, so he typed me and discovered that I was a Type O.

When I looked at the Type O food list, it couldn’t have been more different than my vegan lifestyle. Two of the main avoids, peanuts and cashews, were staples of my diet for decades. After cutting these avoids from my diet, the ulcers cleared up and I was able to heal naturally with nothing but food!

I have dedicated my life to helping others learn about this by becoming a health consultant, which I still do! I love the  Blood Type Diet App as well and recommend it to all my clients to they can always have their food values on hand. I thank Dr. D’Adamo so much for his awesome book and all the information.

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