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Kris D. - Blood Type Diet Success Story

Jan 31st, 2019

Kris D spent years suffering from severe allergies that kept him indoors and away from activities he enjoyed. After years of seeking answers, Kris discovered The Blood Type Diet, followed the program for his Type O and experienced life-changing improvement.

What approaches did you take when you were seeking relief from your severe allergies?

I tried just about everything: medications, neti pots, shots, steam rooms, testing with doctors and chiropractors. Medications made me feel foggy, like I was in a zombie state. It was a miserable existence, but I felt like I had tried everything and had to give up.

How did you find out about The Blood Type Diet?

This is the interesting part. A college professor of mine had offered us extra credit for visiting a bulk herb and homeopathic remedy store in nearby Minneapolis, so I went there. I was looking at some books on a shelf, and the first one that caught my eye was  The Blood Type Diet Pocket Book for O. I knew from my Red Cross card that I was an O+, so I started looking through it. Suddenly a group of people—I don’t think they were employees, I hadn’t seen them up to that point—approached me and told me all about the basics. I bought the book, brought it home, and on the advice of the people I’d met, I challenged myself to cut out one item from my diet—milk.

Did you notice changes right away?

I noticed more later, when I eventually went back to milk—and recognized the strong consequences of dairy. My throat became phlegmy and swollen. I grabbed the book and read some more, dropping milk from my diet again, and eventually giving up corn and wheat as well. When I realized my allergies had gone away, I was sold. The pain, inflammation from sinus pressure and infections were no longer at the forefront of my mind. What I realized was that it hadn’t been the outside environmental factors that were affecting me as much as it was a beat-down immune system that made me more susceptible to those factors.

Have you had any symptoms return over the years?

Since 2012, when I started The Blood Type Diet, I have noticed that when I falter back into previous eating habits—especially around Christmas—my allergies will start to come back. So, I just tighten back up on what I’m eating. When people ask me if the diet is restrictive, I say “Listen, I’m not a professional athlete—my compliance is about 75 percent. I know the big things to gravitate towards, I know what to stay away from, and the rest is trial and error. The Blood Type Diet has been a great guide in that process.”

You’ve said that The Blood Type Diet changed your life. How so?

I eat healthier; I feel better, I’m more active and have put on more muscle. I’ve become an advocate for The Blood Type Diet, having tested more than fifty people and shared in some of their powerful personal transformation experiences. I also truly believe and understand that food is medicine. With that mindset, I’ve found that what you avoid in your diet is just as important as what you consume.