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Deb B. - Blood Type Diet Success Story

Dec 30th, 2018

Speaking of gratitude, it's time I share mine with you. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with bone cancer (I had no symptoms, but had a CT scan for another reason), and two months later, it was determined to be stage IV. A friend of mine suggested I look into The Blood Type Diet, and I bought two of your books. I merged your food lists with foods that I avoid because I also have silent GERD. At first, just having the diet gave me something positive to control, rather than feeling I had to completely succumb to medicine and chemistry.

I was on weekly chemo (the Taxol kind) for five months. I NEVER got nauseated like they predicted, and I attribute that to my diet. I admit that it was tough re-learning to cook— and, especially, how to bake— all over again, but I persevered. After the tough chemo, I went on a tri-weekly targeted chemo, which I may be on for a long time. What's great is that I am able to dance, sing, write, paint and travel again. No one who sees me can believe I "still" have cancer.

As for weight, after having been on the diet 9 months, I actually had gained 5 pounds. It was then that I added in drinking highly-alkalized water (about pH 8), and 20 pounds dropped off at the rate of 2-3 a week at first. Losing weight, which I know is most people's concern, was not my target—I was trying to recover from what harsh chemo does to the body. However, losing weight and feeling good also allowed me to move through space with a lightness I haven't known for years. (I add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to a quart of water and use that for drinking and cooking. It hasn't affected my sodium levels at all.)

I actually think my cancer derives from stress—I can pinpoint a series of monumental events over a half dozen years that really took their toll. So I view the Eat Right 4 Your Type diet as a stress-reliever, in that it relieves the body's metabolic system from having to fight against the "wrong" food types. I also incorporated sound therapy (gong baths) and meditation into my life.

As you say, express gratitude, and this note is my gratitude for your work. I also have come to practice "unconditional forgiveness" as best I can— in that it is impossible to walk in another's shoes. I am most fortunate to have a caring and loving spouse and a mountain of friends and family who have kept me sane through all this. I plan to continue the ER4YT diet until I graduate to another type of existence.

Tell us your success story!