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New Mindset

Jan 1st, 2019 by Martha D'Adamo

On behalf of the entire DPN staff, have a happy and festive new year. We wish you much success, joy and self-expression in 2019.

In its truest sense, the start of the new year is a chance to reflect on what we’ve accomplished, where we are in our lives and what we want to bring forth as we embark on the year ahead of us. Yet so often, we slip into rote intention setting. Then as the days, weeks, and months pass by, we suffer the indignity of not accomplishing what we thought we should have.

I’d like to offer a different approach. Rather than forcing an intention or goal upon yourself based on what you think you should be doing, try challenging yourself to instead look within. See if you can connect with your deepest inner longings. These desires can be simple. Maybe you want to cultivate more quiet, reflective time, further enjoy ease of movement and physical freedom, or share more experiences with family or loved ones. On the other hand, these wishes can be reflective of more serious yearnings. Perhaps you’d like to focus on more authentic self-expression, learning a new skill, or embracing kindness in daily life (whether it be to yourself or others). Rather than imposing goals on your new year, it might be more rewarding to listen to the inner whispers you already have.

My inner longings this year are three-fold. I’ll strive to cultivate a deeper level of physical ease and vitality, awaken to the joy of daily life, and take more time for deeper connections with my family and myself. I cannot think of anything more powerful than the sense of being heard and seen by others and by one’s own self. I would like to use that as an inner compass for being fully present.

Whatever your wishes are, may you experience the joy that comes from fulfilling them; may your self-expression invigorate you; and may you be graced with the gift of love as you journey through 2019.

Warmest wishes,