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Top Health and Wellness Gifts for 2020

Dec 15th, 2020 by Blood Type Diet

Gift Guide for Health

This holiday season, paying attention to our health is more important than ever. Even though we might not be able to spend the holidays physically with our loved ones, we can show our love by sending thoughtful gifts. We put together a Gift Guide with the perfect health and wellness products for everyone on your list. This holiday season, Gift Right with D’Adamo Personalized Nutrition. Here are our top picks:

Original Home Blood-Typing Kit: Knowing your blood type is more important than ever, so why not make sure your loved ones know theirs? Knowing your blood type opens up a whole world of personalized nutrition and with our at-home kit, there’s no need to make a doctor’s appointment or send anything away. It also makes for a great stocking stuffer!

Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s Eat Right 4 Your Type: Share the Blood Type Diet with friends and family by gifting Eat Right 4 Your Type! The 20th Anniversary edition of the bestselling book makes this worldwide phenomenon even more accessible, and includes personal and actionable health advice

Blood Type Diet Intro Pack: This pack includes everything needed to get started on The Blood Type Diet! It includes Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s Eat Right 4 Your Type and our Original Home Blood-Typing Kit. The New Year is a popular time for people to make health goals and if this year has taught us anything, it's the importance of keeping your mind and body healthy.

Dr. D’Adamo’s Resistance Pack: Dr. Peter D’Adamo spent a vast amount of time this year keeping current with the latest studies and research to develop this pack. It is the perfect blend of natural ingredients to optimize the immune system.The combination of elderberry, quercetin, Andrographis paniculata, Chinese skullcap root and vitamin D provide a cornerstone of immune modifying support during these uncertain times. What better way to show your love than gifting immune support?

Uniblend Protein Powders: Protein powders have become extremely popular, but it can be hard to find ones that don’t have any Avoid ingredients. Luckily, Dr. Peter D’Adamo created Uniblend™ Protein Powder to combine the power of personalized nutrition with a formula that blends seamlessly into any and all of your protein-rich creations. Unlike many protein powders, you won’t find any Avoid ingredients or any unnecessary synthetic additives or sweeteners. The best part is - you don’t have to know the blood type of the gift-receiver because they are right 4 all types!

Deflect Lectin Blocker: The holidays can be a hard time to stick to any diet, so why not get a little extra help? There are cheat moments—intentional or accidental—for even the most compliant followers of The Blood Type Diet. Luckily, we’ve got you covered for those un-Avoid-able moments. Deflect is our blood-type-specific lectin blocker, uniquely formulated to target the negative proteins in Avoid foods. Acting as a shield, Deflect keeps lectins harmful for your blood type from negatively affecting your body.

Sip Right 4 Your Type Teas: Shopping for a tea lover? These premium loose teas offer the finest in natural ingredients and carefully crafted, sophisticated flavoring that will please both the health-conscious and the discriminating tea drinker. Each formula is specifically optimized for each blood type! We also offer a ChaCult Tea Filter. This tea filter makes the perfect cup every time, without all the waste of individual tea bags or rogue tea leaves getting into your tea. Pairs perfectly with our Sip Right teas.

Genoma Skincare: Our Genoma® Skin Care System is designed to cleanse, hydrate and brighten to promote healthy, radiant skin. Helps revitalize and protect skin, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Precision-formulated by Dr. Peter D’Adamo for soft, hydrated and healthy looking skin. Our skin care products are suitable for all skin types. They do not contain wheat or milk proteins, corn or coconut by-products. All products are free of mineral oil, parabens, paraffin, and petroleum-based products. Plus, you can bundle and save! Get 30% off 3 products or 40% off 6 or more products. The bundles make it affordable to get everyone on your list a little pampering. Or treat yourself - we won’t tell.

Rejuvenating Cleanser: If you have dry or mature skin, you need a cleanser that is gentle as well as creamy and hydrating. All those elements come into play with the Rejuvenating Cleanser. The cleanser removes dirt, make-up, and excess oils without over-stripping the skin. It contains carnosine to block chronic glycation, a cellular process that accelerates aging as well as natural botanicals to lock in hydration and leave skin feeling refreshed!

Anti-AGE Serum: As skin ages, it ramps up the production of sugar molecules, which once bound to a protein or lipid, form harmful compounds called Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs). This increase in AGE molecules may increase fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. Our Anti-AGE Serum contains natural ingredients which deliver targeted and effective skin correction to give a youthful-looking glow. 

Eye Crème: The delicate and often thin skin in the area under your eyes can be one of the first places on your face to show signs of aging. Dr. Peter D'Adamo developed the Genoma Eye Crème with vital nutrients and botanicals to renew the outermost layer of the skin and deliver targeted results to the delicate under eye area. Moisture-rich Genoma Eye Crème contains Lupine protein, alfalfa seed, and sea fennel. These natural ingredients stimulate collagen production and help to eliminate puffiness and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Day Light Face Crème: Ensure your skin stays soft and hydrated throughout the day with our wrinkle-minimizing, antioxidant-boosting formula. Moisture retention is a key element in the maintenance of the skin. Genoma Day Light Face Crème is designed to complement the Genoma Skin Care program by promoting skin firming and moisture retention, both critical components for healthy looking skin. This lightweight formula can be worn under makeup for all-day hydration and potency.

Restorative Night Crème: Wake up with dewy, hydrated, comfortable skin! Genoma Restorative Night Crème is formulated to work while you sleep to promote healthy cellular revitalization. It contains mung bean, carnosine, and yerba mate extracts to help block tissue-aging glycation and improve hydration, firmness, and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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