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Is Your Exercise Plan Stressing You Out?

Sep 1st, 2018 by The Blood Type Diet

“Exercise” is a word that incites stress, even in the calmest individuals. The thought of dragging yourself out of bed early for a run can make you sweat even before you’ve put on your sneakers. But working out doesn’t have to be hard. Below are some of the most common issues with exercise plans and the best ways to overcome them.

I don’t have time to exercise; my work schedule and obligations are overwhelming.

We get it. Sometimes it can seem impossible to find a free moment. While a structured regimen of daily exercise is beneficial, a strict routine can be difficult to maintain. Don’t be afraid to be flexible with your fitness. Squeeze in workouts between other scheduled events whenever possible. Remember, every little bit counts! Even if you have only 30 minutes to spare, use them. This weekly exercise program offers a seamless way to fit workouts into your schedule and is a perfect starting point for people who want to become more active.

I can’t afford to work out; gym memberships and equipment are expensive.

While gyms can provide easy access to machinery, this convenience has a price. To reduce costs, consider adopting an exercise routine that doesn’t require expensive equipment. Cheap and simple tools, like dumbbells and resistance bands, can be just as effective as complex machines when used properly. They can also be stored easily when not in use. Additionally, cardio and bodyweight exercises, like running or push-ups, take no equipment and provide proven results. Free workout routines incorporating simple equipment are increasingly available on streaming services, allowing users to reap the benefit of a guided class without the cost.

I can’t keep up with strenuous workout plans; they expect too much of me.

Many people assume only intense exercise is worthwhile. However, less strenuous activities can also be beneficial — depending on your biology. Exercise, like diet, should be tailored to your blood type. While Type Os can thrive on pulse-raising, power workouts, Type As are better suited to relaxing, flexibility-based exercise like yoga. Medical conditions also play a role in determining your ideal regimen. If you have injuries or other limitations, start small. Walk during your lunch break or try some crunches next time you’re streaming your favorite show. Even seemingly insignificant activities add up, building muscular strength and boosting energy.

While every health situation is unique, setting achievable goals and pursuing them with determination can help maximize your fitness. Start by integrating light activity and over time, you’ll develop strong habits to complement an increasingly healthy lifestyle.

If you are looking for more exercise motivation, check out our Q&A with Frank H., a man who used The Blood Type Diet, a healthy exercise regimen and supplementation to achieve the best health of his life.

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