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Jun 15th, 2018

Posted by Blood Type Diet

A Weekly Exercise Program to Perfect Your Summer Glow

Welcome to summer.

With tank tops on and bikini bottoms out, beach season is simultaneously the most body-loving and self-conscious time of year. 

Our quick, weekly exercise program is here to help you gain confidence in your summer glow. All it takes is a few minutes of stretching each morning. 

Before you hit the coffee machine, try some yoga or simple aerobics. While you brush your teeth, stretch those calves. After a week of our easy routine, you may just feel as radiant as the sunny weather. 

Monday – Is your lower back feeling tight? Try these three simple exercises. Repeat twice on each side.

Tuesday – This 5 minute full body stretch feels great. And you can do it while catching up on the morning news.

Wednesday – It's time to turn your workout up a notch with a 10 minute yoga routine primed to improve your flexibility and balance.

Thursday – This morning is all about Pilates. If you spend any time hunched over a computer, you'll benefit from the gentle upper back stretches.

Friday – We know it can be difficult to get moving at the end of the workweek. Start the day right with 3 minutes of cardio.

Excited for your next beach trip? We are too. For tips on ABO-specific workouts, check out this article on  exercising right for your blood type.

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