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Debbie K. - Blood Type Diet Success Story

Feb 24th, 2020 by Blood Type Diet

We originally found Debbie through an inspiring Facebook comment she made in the Eat Right 4 Your Type - Blood Type O Group, and we decided to reach out for a full interview. We hope you enjoy her inspiring story!

How did you find out about, and what made you decide to try, The Blood Type Diet?

I clean and organize houses, which put me in the library of a client. The spine of the book caught my eye. Having dieted since age 7, the title was like no other I had tried or heard about. After flipping through my chapter and finding the highly Beneficial, Neutral and Avoids list.... I couldn't put the book down! It took some time to process the realization this would work! This food plan is so different from all the others! I developed a passion for this plan. Even when I indulge, I'm still winning as I look at that toxic food differently... Not as a treat but a taste sensation that I know will cause me to feel bad. My choice.

What was your experience when you first started The Blood Type Diet?

When I first started this food plan, I was surprised when I measured my foods as I was able to eat so much more! Being an O blood type I get to eat meat! Free from carbohydrate packed breakfasts with dairy! No more indigestion! Free from sinus drainage and feeling lethargic! All this in just the first week!

What was the most surprising change you experienced with The Blood Type Diet?

The most surprising change in me was the increased energy level.

How do you stay motivated to keep with The Blood Type Diet?

I stay motivated as I no longer use the words “guilt” or “cheat.” If I choose to eat an Avoid, I know my body will suffer, so "indulging" is an option I choose not to do. No more sneak cheating.

What advice would you give other people who are curious about The Blood Type Diet or have just started The Blood Type Diet?

I would encourage anyone to buy the paper book and read their chapter to better understand what happens in the body when Avoids are eaten. Read it annually. Knowledge is power. Memorize the Avoids and eat the rest. Give this food plan 1 full month to prove to yourself what it will do for you.

Did your experience change the way you look at nutrition or health in general?

I have always been concerned about nutrition, but now I have such a greater understanding of how avoiding certain foods will help the body. Mainstream diets aren't good nutrition, especially when compared to the healthy lifestyle Eat Right (For Your Type) offers.

What are your health goals going forward?

My goals are to continue to maintain this level of health, and to continue to maintain my weight loss as I have been doing 9+ years now!

Anything else you would like to add?

This food plan is a way of life. Allow yourself to let go of the idea that dieting means healthy... Eating Right will melt the weight off, creating a healthy body and providing you with opportunities to change your life. Developing new habits and addressing the emotional moments with change of action will move you forward and continue to instill in you the value of this food plan.

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