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Zenna S. - Blood Type Diet Success Story

Jun 27th, 2018

This month’s testimonial came directly from the new version of the D’Adamo forums, the Eat Right 4 Your Type Facebook group, where people share stories and offer support to one another on their journey to better health. If you aren’t already a member, definitely join for all the knowledge and inspiration you will find, like this story from Zenna S.!

I had a very neat BTD-related experience today that I want to share with you.

It actually started about 10 or 11 years ago. At that time, I was diagnosed with Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome, a condition that causes severe muscle adhesions that make your muscles stick together instead of sliding smoothly across each other.

It’s very painful and it makes daily life difficult. It's very tiring, and it was also contributing to my CFS and migraines, among other things. By early 2009, I was having difficulty working on a daily basis.

I saw some improvement through regular massage (1-2 times a week), regular chiropractic care, an elimination diet, and some medication, but was still a long way from what I would call healthy.

In early 2011, after years of flirting with the idea, I decided to fully commit to the Blood Type Diet. As a Blood Type B, the first thing I got rid of was chicken. Within a few weeks the changes in my body and well-being were noticeable. Due to some travel, I had not been in to see my massage therapist for almost 3 weeks, and on my first visit with her since I committed to BTD, after just a few minutes of working on me, she stopped and asked me what had changed. The reason being that in the previous 4-5 years that she treated me, my muscles were always hard and ropey, full of adhesions and highly inflamed. That day, my muscles were like normal, healthy muscle tissue. I was shocked. The only thing I had changed was eliminating chicken and chicken stock from my diet. This moment encouraged me to stick with the diet. Over the next several months, I learned my secretor status (I am a non-secretor) and my genotype (Explorer) and switched over to using SWAMI.

This leads us to today.

Due to immigrating to another country and the complete upheaval it caused to everyday life, I ended up going without massages for over 4 1/2 years. Yes, you read that correctly. The fact that I have managed so well in this time is, in itself, a testimony to how well I am doing thanks to BTD, but the cooler thing is what happened today. The last 2 plus months have been so insanely busy for me. I have been working crazy hours with no days off and frequently get only 5 hours of sleep. It has been difficult and stressful. About 2 weeks ago I asked my chiropractor for a referral to a local massage therapist. Today was my first appointment. My new massage therapist, when she saw it had been over 4 1/2 years since my last massage, was convinced that I would be full of adhesions and trigger points. I could see the dismay on her face as she was reading my health history. After about 10 minutes of working on me, she said to me:

"Your muscles are completely different than any person I have ever met before. You do not have one single adhesion, not one single trigger point. Yes, there is a lot of tension due to stress, and a little bit of inflammation in your arm and shoulder due to your work, but overall, you have the smoothest and healthiest muscle tissue I have ever seen."

From there, we started talking about how I eat and why. She was amazed that I had all of these significant health problems and that they all came from specific foods, especially foods that most people would consider healthy. Even after the massage, she was still raving about it. It was such a validating moment for me. To know that even though I have been neglectful in my self care, my body is still doing so well thanks to my diet is so comforting and reassuring.

Thank you so much, Dr. D!

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