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Try the 10-Day Blood Type Diet Challenge to Jump-Start Weight Loss

Sep 11th, 2023 by Blood Type Diet

10-Day Blood Type Diet Challenge

If you’ve been thinking about trying The Blood Type Diet®, or if you’re a long-time follower looking to get more serious about your health and well-being, the 10-Day Blood Type Diet Challenge is a great way to set yourself up for maximum results.

Perhaps you’ve had long months without going to the gym, or put on excess weight. There’s no better time to start improving your health than right now.

In his best-selling books, Dr. Peter D’Adamo has taught millions of readers how their blood type impacts how they metabolize nutrients and respond to stress. We all know that “junk food” and overly processed foods are not optimal. But even such basic foods as milk and bread are digested and utilized differently by Type Os, As, Bs and ABs. Each type also has different chemical or hormonal responses to stress, and is best served by specific kinds of exercise. For instance, vigorous cardio is great for Type Os, but Type As should focus on yoga or tai chi.

Taking a 10-day challenge is a fast and efficient way to test The Blood Type Diet for yourself and to learn about your own personal markers of success. Many people find that they have more energy, clearer skin and greater mental clarity after only 10 days.

Download information about the challenge here or find detailed instructions in Dr. D'Adamo's revised and updated Eat Right 4 Your Type book. The book has sample daily meal plans as well as lists of Beneficial, Neutral and Avoid foods for each blood type.

What to Expect

In Days 1-5, you will eat only foods that are Beneficial to your type. This may indeed be challenging, but maximum compliance will bring maximum effect. In Days 6-10, there are a wider variety of foods. Enhance your experience by taking vitamin and herbal supplements personalized to your type. And be sure to exercise right for your type as well.

Those willing to follow the challenge at close to 100% adherence can expect to see results that include:

  1. Weight loss between 1-5 pounds
  2. Decrease in stomach circumference
  3. Less bloating after meals
  4. Reduced joint pain
  5. Greater energy
  6. Reduction of digestive distress
  7. Improved elimination

Before You Begin

Do you know your ABO blood type? If it’s not already part of your medical record, our  Original Home Blood-Typing Kit is a safe and easy way to find out within minutes. Now packaged with an improved lancet. For even more benefit from The Blood Type Diet, it is helpful to know your secretor status (whether your blood type antigen is secreted into your saliva, tears and other body fluids). One way to find out is with our Secretor Status Collection Kit.

Stock your cupboard and refrigerator with the foods and supplements that are Beneficial for your blood type. (You may also want to remove Neutrals and Avoids to prevent slips.) Choose organic ingredients when possible and stick to buying whole foods rather than processed foods from a box, bag or can. Lists of beneficial foods are in the book  Eat Right 4 Your Type, or at your fingertips with The Official Blood Type Diet app (Android and iOS).

Plan your exercise schedule in advance, especially if you have not been exercising consistently, or in the best way for your type.

If you’re new to The Blood Type Diet, check out our  FAQ

Days 1-5 Lectin Detox

Harmful lectins incompatible with your blood type can cause weight gain, low energy and even illness. The first half of the 10-day challenge focuses on eliminating them from your diet completely.

By carefully choosing foods that are considered highly beneficial for your blood type and taking supplements that are compatible with your blood type, you will be cleansing and detoxifying your body and allowing all your systems to function at their peak.

It may be challenging to focus primarily on highly beneficial foods but doing this will give you the purest form of The Blood Type Diet for the first five days.

Days 6-10 Restoration and Balance

The second half of the 10-day challenge is all about restoration and balance. It is less restrictive and allows you to begin incorporating some Neutral foods into your diet, offering you more variety. Of course, continuing to favor Beneficial foods will bring the most rewards, but this phase of the challenge gives you a chance to relax a bit and really pay attention to the positive changes in your body.

Supplements for Maximum Results

If you would like to dip your toe into supplements, start with Deflect Lectin Blocker. When you eat a food that is an Avoid for your blood type, Deflect acts as a shield, providing protection from any bad lectin found in that food.

Beyond The 10-Day Challenge

After completing the 10-Day Blood Type Diet Challenge, you will be on your way to achieving your optimal weight and feeling great. As lectin damage is healed, and you continue to feed your body the right foods for your blood type, you will be able to achieve a level of overall health and well-being you may never have imagined. While many people begin following The Blood Type Diet with weight loss as a primary goal, they stick with it because they love how they feel.