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SWAMI XP2 Extra Features

Nov 29th, 2017 by The Blood Type Diet

SWAMI XP2's highly individualized food lists are the heart and soul of the program. Having a complete report that takes so much of your individuality into account is unheard of in the field, and the biggest differentiating factor between SWAMI XP2 and other personalized diet plans. But along with this innovative food list, SWAMI XP2 provides you with several other cutting-edge features that should not be forgotten.

Starting Your SWAMI Software
Geno Harmonic Foods (click to enlarge)

Geno Harmonic Foods

This list will compile great food options for you that, when paired with certain other foods, synergize to create an even stronger benefit for you! Simply search the ingredient you are interested in and SWAMI will show you the most symbiotic items for it. SWAMI will also provide you with recommended exercises and optional supplementation tips to aid you on your journey.

Starting Your SWAMI Software
Sample SWAMI Recipe Page (click to enlarge)

Recipe Generator

Once you see the depth of knowledge SWAMI can provide, your head might spin at all the possibilities. How can you combine and cook the foods that are most beneficial to you and actually create delicious, enjoyable dishes? Luckily, SWAMI thought of that. Outside of your report, on the main "Intake Options" menu, SWAMI includes a cookbook creator that will let you print recipes. You have the option of printing only ones that contain a certain amount of Superfoods or even every single meal available in the database that is acceptable for you to eat on your personalized plan.

Starting Your SWAMI Software
SWAMI Drag & Drop Mealplanner (click to enlarge)

Powerful Meal Planner

On the same "Intake Options" menu is the Meal Planner. With this intuitive tool, you will be able to plan your meals for an entire week on a calendar-like system that lets you input all kinds of individual foods or even the recipes you enjoy, all while denoting what category (Superfoods, Neutral, or Best Avoided) each one is for you. Between the ability to find the best recipes for you and then plan and organize them week by week, SWAMI takes the hard work out of dieting and puts all the tools you need at your fingertips.

SWAMI XP2 Mobile
SWAMI XP2 Mobile Screen (click to enlarge)

SWAMI XP2 Mobile

With the SWAMI Mobile app (included free) you will be able to see a list of all your SWAMI categorized foods on one screen. 

Instructions for accessing SWAMI Mobile app are included in the SWAMI Diet Plan Report. Once the SWAMI Mobile unique URL is accessed and logged in from your smart device, you can view your categorized SWAMI foods (note: all editing of your SWAMI XP2 Intake can only be done from login and not SWAMI Mobile). 

Think of SWAMI Mobile as a convenient way to carry around your SWAMI XP2 food categorizations when you are out shopping or at a restaurant.

At the end of the day, there is no system like SWAMI. It takes the founding principles of personalized nutrition pioneered by the Blood Type Diet to the nth degree, giving you a level of personalization beyond anything available today. Not only will SWAMI give you unmatched amount of information, but it gives you all the tools to utilize that information on your journey to optimal health. This resource-rich software can be your companion as you revitalize yourself and is intelligent enough to change on the fly as your needs do. No matter how your health needs change as you age, SWAMI is the one-time investment that will always understand who you are and give you the most individualized help possible so you can live your best life.