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Spring Detox Support

May 4th, 2017

Dr. Peter D’Adamo knows that cleansing is a process that could use some support. Our featured products for May are some of the best to help your detoxification efforts reach fruition!

Harmonia Deluxe is a great way to start your days. As a completely natural plant-based drink mix, it can provide you with energy and nutrients that get you on the right track as soon as you wake up. Blend it in your favorite Right 4 Your Type beverages and enjoy! Intrinsa helps to alleviate stomach discomfort and digestive problems that might disrupt the progress of your cleanse. Polyflora is a microbiome booster with probiotics and prebiotics to keep your gut health running strong, which will further ensure your stomach stays happy and healthy while you detox. It is available specialized for each blood type. Our final product of the month, Mr. Itaru’s Green Tea, is a special blend of one of the world’s most well known detoxifiers. Enjoy a hot cup or brew it iced and take it with you for a refreshing, cleansing drink you can enjoy all day!