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Secretor Status: The Key Companion to The Blood Type Diet

Nov 7th, 2017 by The Blood Type Diet

Secretor Status: The Key Companion to The Blood Type Diet

When Dr. Peter D’Adamo wrote Eat Right 4 Your Type in 1996, it was only the beginning of his exploration into how your blood type can affect your health. The book featured detailed explanations of how food lectins could have different reactions in different people and gave readers all the information they needed to live a healthier life through personalized nutrition.

The Next Step in Personalization

Four years after the broad, sweeping success that was Eat Right 4 Your Type, Dr. D’Adamo followed up his best-seller with Live Right 4 Your Type. While Eat Right 4 Your Type is the star of Dr. D’Adamo’s book series because of its accessibility and the fact that it builds the foundation for many of his other books, Live Right 4 Your Type is an incredibly important addition for people looking to optimize their journey on the Blood Type Diet. It takes the personalization of the original book even further by introducing and explaining secretor status. Our friend Eric Morrison of the YouTube page 4Course summarizes the concept clearly and with great detail in this video.

The Impact Secretor Status Can Have On Your Diet

The important thing to remember about secretor status is that it can have a great impact on your success with the Blood Type Diet, even if you are already doing quite well. As Eric mentions in the video, secretors and non-secretors can have different food values; sometimes even for staple foods. These sorts of differences in foundational foods can change the entire way you structure your diet. Each blood type is affected differently by secretor status, and there are a collection of foods that have their values adjusted based on it. You very well could be avoiding foods you are allowed to eat or be eating something that is harmful to you without even knowing it. Finding out your secretor status takes the guesswork out of these diet decisions and further personalizes your already individualized plan.

Even though only 20% of the population is non-secretor, the changes in your appropriate Blood Type Diet could be significant if you are one of them. If you don’t know your secretor status yet, we offer a Secretor Status Collection Kit that you can use to send a saliva sample to a lab for testing. In just 21 business days, receive your results and start adjusting your diet accordingly. We suggest the secretor kit for everyone so they can have a more complete view of their personal needs, but especially for those with illnesses, constant fatigue, inflammation or other persistent issues. Despite your healthy lifestyle choices, the answers to problems that linger could lie in your secretor status.

"It all begins to make sense, and my health is improving, and I FEEL so much better! To have so much more information about my body and how it works is awesome!"

5 Star Review - review by Jessica D.

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