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Out with Detoxes. In with Cleaning.

Apr 22nd, 2024 by Dr. Emily D'Adamo

Let’s Do Some Spring Cleaning

I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest fan of “detoxes.” We have mechanisms in place that detoxify volatile and toxic compounds every day without us even feeling it.

While detoxing is definitely important, it’s a pretty complicated process that involves a number of chemical workers called enzymes. We use enzymes every day to detoxify various organic compounds, neurotransmitters, and even hormones.

Me? I love cleaning. Especially spring cleaning. There’s something so hopeful about this time of the year. Things begin to sharpen, smells become crisper and light starts to creep in.

Many of us meet this time of year with a new sense of vigor and excitement. For some, though, our bodies need a bit of a nudge in the right direction.

Spring Cleaning for Your Body


Begin the big clean up with a fresh start in the morning by adding a scoop of Harmonia Deluxe Greens powder to your favorite smoothie. Harmonia is a super charged product, packed with essential vitamins and micronutrients, as well as adaptogenic herbs like Eleuthero, liver supportive players like Taraxacum, and my personal favorite, Tart Cherry extract.


Usher in mid-day with a nutrient-dense meal of your choice. My favorite way to be sure we’re getting the most of our food-derived nutrition is by accompanying meals with digestive enzymes. TypeZyme digestive enzyme supplements take what we know about the connection between ABO Blood Type and digestion to create the first-ever personalized enzyme product.

Around mid-afternoon, my secret go-to is Redoxa. Packed with antioxidants like reduced (active) glutathione and NAC, glutathione’s precursor, Redoxa is great for those exposed to the many pollutants we encounter in our daily work week. What’s great about timing Redoxa in the afternoon is that is contains Magnolia, an herb I like to use to modulate cortisol, our major stress hormone. For many of us, cortisol spikes when we’re in the office, and keeping Magnolia in our back pocket can help blunt this effect.


Lastly, our "spring cleaning" ends at bedtime with a scoop of Trehalose Complex in water. Trehalose is the real cleaner-upper in this regimen, as it has a profound ability to induce a process known as cerebral autophagy, or the cleanup of cellular debris in the brain. Trehalose is great for those of us who struggle with brain fog regularly.

Dr. Emily D’Adamo is a Staff Physician at the Center for Generative Medicine, in Norwalk, Connecticut. Dr. D’s deepest love lies in precision medicine – the practice of delivering healthcare that accounts for individual variances in genomics, environments and microbiomes. With precision medicine, patient-centeredness is the core philosophy; no two individuals are alike, and the care they receive reflects that.