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How to Take Care of Your Mental Health During COVID-19

Jun 23rd, 2020 by Blood Type Diet

The current health crisis has had far-reaching effects on our daily lives. Not only has our physical and financial health been affected, but our emotional and mental health as well. In fact, according to Healthline, “Americans are reporting significant and sustained increases in depression and anxiety related to the COVID-19 pandemic.” And now, as many states are re-opening for business, the fear of the unknown is piling on additional stress.

So how do we prioritize our mental health while dealing with pressing issues like paying the bills and caring for loved ones? What actions could we be taking? What actions should we be taking? The answer lies in small but meaningful steps that we can practice every day.

Personalized nutrition for overall health

You may know that eating right for your blood type is the foundation for improved immunity and overall well being, but did you know that personalized nutrition can also help maximize your body’s response to stress? Your blood type is the key to all the systems of the body, including those that help you deal with anxiety and stress. Remaining diligent with your diet, particularly avoiding those foods that create a negative reaction – avoids – is the first step towards balancing your emotional health.

If you don’t already follow The Blood Type Diet and want to learn more, start here!

Personalized exercise for stress relief

Sure. We hear it all the time. “Exercise is good for relieving stress.” But not all bodies are the same. And not all exercise will give the same results. The kind of exercise we practice is as important as doing it regularly.

For long time followers of the Blood Type Diet, the idea of personalized exercise is no surprise. But newcomers are often amazed to discover that their blood types offer insight into how they should be working out for maximum health benefits. In fact, each blood type has a distinct programmed instinct for overcoming stress with exercise.

For those with Blood Type O, intense exercise is incredibly important. Cardio-based, heart-rate-raising exercises such as running, cycling, swimming and martial arts play a key role in lowering stress and balancing emotions for Blood Type Os.

Blood Type As, however, do best with low impact, relaxation based workouts such as tai chi, aerobics and yoga. That’s not to say that Blood Type As can’t break a sweat. But intense activity is more likely to strain the body and stress the mind. To optimize stress relief, As should train the breath first and the muscles second.

When it comes to exercise for Blood Type Bs, balance is key. A good mix of intense exercise and relaxing exercise is ideal. And those rare individuals with Blood Type AB share characteristics from both Type As and Type Bs. They will find the greatest stress relief from calming, meditative activities, but also crave some balance, meaning they can also benefit from some more intense activity from time to time.

Frequent breaks for mental health

For those of us now working from home, work life and home life can start to blur and the stress of trying to manage both can be overwhelming. And for those essential workers leaving the house for work each day, hyper-vigilance can exacerbate internal stress. But a brief change of scenery can make a big difference.

Sure, a day off to lie on a beach would be great, but we’re talking about short mental health breaks throughout the day. It could be a three-minute pause for some deep breathing exercises, a walk around the block or even a phone call to a friend. Experiment with different kinds of breaks to find what relaxes (or energizes) you. Taking several short breaks throughout the day can add up to a healthier you.

Deep breathing to dissolve tension

Take a deep breath in. Now exhale. You may already notice a difference in how your body feels. That’s because your breath – the very essence of life – is a powerful tool for dissolving tension and relieving stress. It could be the single best thing you could do for your mental health.

Many of us have become conditioned to take short, shallow breaths, which can actually deplete us of energy. Spending a few minutes each day on simple breathing techniques can both help relieve short-term stress and help retrain our breathing patterns for the long term.

Two of the simplest and most effective breathing techniques are known as “reset breathing” and “alternate nostril breathing.” Click here for step-by-step details on how to make these simple powerful techniques part of your daily routine.

Meditation for long-lasting relief

Meditation is a tool that can literally wipe away the stress of a day quickly and effectively. Even just a few minutes can help restore inner calm. And the best thing is that the benefits don’t end when the meditation session ends. People who meditate on a regular basis report reduced negative emotions, increased patience and new perspectives on stressful situations.

It can seem overwhelming in the beginning when trying to establish a regular meditation practice. Don’t go it alone! Let technology be your guide. There are many apps, the calm app for instance, that offer free guided meditations for beginners. Even music services like Spotify can be great places to find curated lists of the best guided meditations.

Supplements for extra help

While there is no substitute for a healthy diet and exercise, sometimes supplements can provide additional relief when life demands too much from us. Dr. D’Adamo has formulated a series of products that offer a natural calming effect on the body for those times when a little extra help is needed.

Research indicates that individuals with different blood types have different responses to occasional stress, and therefore personalized nutritional supplements are called for. For those with Blood Type O and AB, botanicals Magnolia and Rhodiola, coupled with a base of B-vitamins and amino acids can be very effective. For those with Blood Type A and B, Ayurvedic herbs Bacopa Leaf and Boerhavia Root can help to maintain healthy cortisol levels.

Learn more and purchase supplements formulated for each blood type here.

Prioritizing your mental health is critical to your overall health and your ability to deal with unexpected stressors both big and small. Creating daily practices and rituals for self care can help you keep stress in check. 

Personalized supplements to combat stress and promote relaxation.