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How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions with The Blood Type Diet

Dec 23rd, 2021 by The Blood Type Diet

It’s that time of year when many of us set out to create healthier versions of ourselves. It’s a new year, a fresh start and the perfect time to focus on improving our health and well-being. It’s no surprise that the top three New Year’s resolutions are to eat better, lose weight and exercise more. But it’s also no surprise that by the time spring arrives, 80% of people who made resolutions have dropped them.

What is it about resolutions that make them so hard to keep? Despite the best of intentions, more of us break them than keep them. It could be that we are a little over-ambitious when we make resolutions, or not specific enough. And yes, we DO have busy schedules that can get in the way. But it really comes down to this: Did we make a resolution that we can actually stick to? Is it right for us?

The Blood Type Diet is a personalized nutrition solution designed for what makes you uniquely you. Keeping those New Year’s resolutions has never been easier.  

When you eat better, you feel better.

If you’ve ever suspected that not everyone should eat the same things or do the same workout, you’re right. When it comes to diet and exercise, one size does not fit all. And it’s your blood type that reflects your unique internal chemistry, revealing the nutritional approach that is right for you.

When certain proteins in the food we eat, known as lectins, are incompatible with our blood type, they attach themselves to the walls of the digestive tract, initiating inflammation and other injurious processes. A food that is beneficial for one blood type may be harmful for another. For example, a diet that includes beef and lamb may offer benefits for someone with Blood Type O, yet be harmful for someone with Blood Type A. Likewise, a vegetarian diet may work well for some blood types, but not for others.

Eating right for your blood type (adding Beneficial foods and eliminating Avoids) can restore the natural protective functions of your immune system, reset your metabolic clock and clear your blood of harmful lectins. The simple truth is that when you eat better, you feel better. And when you feel better, you want to continue feeling that way.

Losing weight doesn't have to be a struggle.

Each year nearly half of all Americans share the same resolution – to lose weight. So many of us begin a miserable battle of willpower that we are unable or unwilling to sustain. Year after year we repeat the conflict. But losing weight doesn’t have to be a struggle.

When you eat right for your blood type, you live in harmony with your unique biology. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight happens easily and naturally because your body is in a state of total wellness. In fact, people who follow The Blood Type Diet report that it just “feels right” for them. Even when weight loss is the primary goal, they find themselves happiest about how good they feel! Shedding pounds becomes an effortless reward from a personalized approach to overall health.

The weight profiles* below offer guidelines on foods that promote weight gain and loss. As these are guidelines, use these tables as a guide only - for example, you will need to check which dairy, seafood and mushrooms are Right for Your Blood Type.

(Tables slide on mobile for easy viewing.)

Blood Type O Weight Profile
Weight Gain Weight Loss
Wheat Insulin resistance Red meat (beef & lamb) Aids efficient metabolism, builds muscle
Corn Insulin resistance Walnuts Improves insulin metabolism
Dairy Poorly digested Broccoli, kale, spinach Aid efficient metabolism
Kidney and navy beans, lentils Insulin resistance, impairs calorie utilization Seaweeds, seafoods, sea salt Increases thyroid hormone production
Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower Inhibit thyroid hormone Plum, pineapple Improve insulin metabolism
Blood Type A Weight Profile
Weight Gain Weight Loss
Red meat Poorly digested and stored as fat Soy Improves insulin metabolism
Kidney, lima beans Promote insulin resistance and block digestive enzymes Seafood, fish oils Improve insulin metabolism and prevent fluid build-up
Dairy Creates insulin resistance Broccoli, spinach Aid efficient metabolism
Wheat Creates insulin resistance and impairs calorie utilization Mushrooms Improve insulin metabolism
Corn, potatoes Create insulin resistance Pineapple Improves insulin metabolism and aids digestion
Blood Type B Weight Profile
Weight Gain Weight Loss
Chicken Promotes insulin resistance Meat, liver Optimize metabolism and aids digestion
Lentils, peanuts, sesame seeds Promote insulin resistance/hypoglycemia Low-fat dairy Improves insulin metabolism
Corn, potatoes Promote insulin resistance Broccoli, greens Aid efficient metabolism
Wheat, buckwheat Promote insulin resistance and impairs calorie utilization Walnuts   Improve insulin production
Processed sugar Promotes insulin resistance Licorice tea Counters hypoglycemia
Blood Type AB Weight Profile
Weight Gain Weight Loss
Chicken Promotes insulin resistance Soy Optimizes metabolism and aids digestion
Red meat Poorly digested and stored as fat Seafood Helps regulate blood sugar
Kidney beans, lima beans Promote insulin resistance Cultured dairy Improves insulin response
Buckwheat Promotes insulin resistance and impairs calorie utilization Broccoli, greens Improve metabolic efficiency
Processed sugar Promotes insulin resistance Cherries, plums Improve insulin response

*Diabetes: Fight It With The Blood Type Diet by Dr. Peter D'Adamo

When exercise makes you feel good, you want more of it.

So what about exercise? Does your blood type offer insight on how best to move your body? The answer is yes!

Exercising right for your type depends on how your unique genetic profile is programmed to deal with stress. For example, someone with Blood Type O benefits tremendously from regular, brisk exercise that taxes the cardiovascular and muscular-skeletal systems, thus helping them to de-stress. Blood Type As, however, have naturally higher cortisol levels, making it harder for them to recover from stress. Type As benefit most from exercise that has a calming effect on the body.

Essentially, your blood type directly affects your exercise tolerance. When exercise makes you feel good, you want more of it. And isn’t more exercise what you resolved to do in the first place?

The Blood Type Diet offers a simple promise. If you eat (and exercise) according to the biochemical script that’s coded in your blood, you can lose weight and achieve a level of health and fitness you might never have imagined. Now that you've learned a little about The Blood Type Diet, are you ready to try it?

There is so much more detail in Dr. Peter D'Adamo's Revised and Updated  Eat Right 4 Your Type, including a 10-day jump-start plan. And our website is packed with tools and information to get you started and keep you going. Make this year the year you finally keep your health-related New Year's resolutions.

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