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Following The Blood Type Diet On the Go

Jul 25th, 2023 by The Blood Type Diet

Following the Blood Type Diet On the Go

Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling or On the Go

Eating at restaurants is one of the true joys of life. Whether it’s to enjoy new, exotic flavors during vacation or simply a trip to an eatery down the road to save you the stress of cooking one night, dining out is always fun. But all this fun can turn into digestive distress and pain if you decide to neglect your Blood Type Diet program when you dine out. Why turn a great experience into a negative one? While many people believe that eating on the go is something that will inherently be problematic for their diet, there are a few simple, straightforward tips that can keep you compliant no matter where you are!

Diet Travel Tip #1: Think before you pick a place

Most modern restaurants let you see the menu online before ever leaving your house. Take a look to see what will work best. If this isn’t an option, just use your common sense! Places that specialize in unhealthy foods like burgers and fries are probably best avoided even if they offer a few other options.

Diet Travel Tip #2: Know the best proteins for your type

Proteins are the building blocks of a meal. If you know the ones that best suit you, it will be easy to find a meal that will be good for your diet. Below is a list of common beneficial proteins for each type.

ommon beneficial proteins for each type

Diet Travel Tip #3: Take your knowledge on the road

While knowing the main proteins for your type is simple enough to remember, all the vegetables and sides that can pair with your meal can be trickier to remember. Download the Blood Type Diet App (iPhone or Android) so you can check values on the fly. Don’t let forgetfulness harm your efforts!

Diet Travel Tip #4: Ask for substitutions

Most restaurants are more than happy to swap one ingredient for another, especially when side dishes and vegetables are concerned. Don’t be afraid to ask your server about omitting or substituting certain ingredients if you find a perfect dish for you that is marred by one ingredient.

Diet Travel Tip #5: Watch those portions

Some restaurants have a habit of piling your plate with several meals worth of food. While the value factor of these locations is quite nice, the same can’t be said for the effect it will have on your stomach. Pace yourself and portion out the dish when it arrives, eating only the proper amount and saving the rest to take home. Leftovers are never a bad thing.

When All Else Fails, Turn to Deflect Lectin Blocker

We have all been there. You tried to pick a healthy place. You substituted and selected as best you could. But there’s still avoids on your plate. In these regrettable situations, you can save your gut distress by popping the right Deflect for your type [ O | A | B | AB ]. It will combat the harmful lectins you ingest to make the effects of a bad decision weigh less on your health.