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Yvonne S. - Blood Type Diet Success Story

Nov 6th, 2017

Yvonne S. - Blood Type Diet

The Blood Type Diet is something I found out about many years ago. I discovered the diet, like most, through Eat Right 4 Your Type and was inspired to put Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s words into action. I followed my Blood Type O diet plan to great success, but didn’t have the willpower at the time to stay compliant. I started to stray from the plan and avoids began to wriggle their way back into my diet. Gluten, wheat, dairy, white sugar, white flour and potatoes all became part of my lifestyle again, but these poor decisions didn’t take long to manifest themselves as health problems.

This is the moment when I realized that not only did the Blood Type Diet make me feel better when I was compliant, but neglecting it literally made my body suffer. I decided not to let my guard down again, and recommitted to the BTD lifestyle.

It has been about a month now since I recommitted to the Blood Type Diet, and the results are apparent. Many of the conditions that began to appear from my negligence have already retreated because I am giving my body what it needs now. I even lost weight and inches off my waist, despite this not even being one of my goals in starting the diet

During my time away from the diet, I also discovered the importance of secretor status. I took the test when I first started but never got serious about adding the adjustments to my diet. So, when I decided to re-immerse myself in the diet I included the adjustments required because I am a non-secretor. With this extra knowledge I have been able to weed out even more foods that aren’t good for me. I wouldn’t have known about these foods without taking the Secretor Status test, and eliminating them has made me feel even better than before.

As someone turning 64 this year, I feel immensely grateful for Dr. D’Adamo’s life-changing work. I hope that my story can help inspire people who read it to take that first step. I want my story to be an encouragement for all so that people can get on board and experience the noticeable changes that happen just within the first few weeks of compliance. Once you start and feel the difference, you’ll never want to go back!

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