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There are sugars, and then there are sugars: Trehalose Complex

Jul 6th, 2016 by Dr. Peter D'Adamo

Imagine that you are the owner of a small factory that makes replacement windows. Normally, your ordering department does a pretty good job of things and the supply of the constituent parts necessary to make a decent replacement window (one assumes these to be things like glass, vinyl, aluminum, hardware, etc.) arrive punctually and in sufficient amounts to allow you to make the maximum number of windows with the minimum amount of wastage. 

However, over time changes in personnel lead to problems of supply and demand. Tired, jaded people in the ordering department forget a decimal point and you wind up with an excess of window locks; poorly-trained workers on the assembly line make a variety of newbie-type errors that result in windows that are unsellable. Over time this pile of unsellable windows begins to accumulate to the point where it begins to clog up the aisles, creating an unhealthy workplace. Soon the corporate bank account is drained due to excessive purchasing and the assembly area is choked with unusable, unsellable, windows. Workers begin to grumble about the unsafe working conditions and a few threaten to strike unless conditions improve. An investigation seems to indicate that your factory supervisor, Mr. Mtor, has a grudge against you due to his being passed up for a promotion at his last salary review and has been going around sabotaging things by telling the workers to not bother about quality control and cleaning up after themselves.

Concerned about the future of the family enterprise, you fire Mr. Mtor and hire a sharp graduate of Wharton School of Business and soon things begin to right themselves. A special work team is put together to go through the piles of unsellable windows, cannibalizing parts that can be reused to create properly constructed, sell-able windows. All new orders are now reviewed to insure that no duplication or excess inventory is allowed to siphon off precious capital and storage space. Soon conditions begin to improve, your workers seem much more happier, and productivity and profitability skyrocket.

Welcome to the wonderful world of cellular autophagy.

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