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Teresa S. - Blood Type Diet Success Story

Oct 6th, 2017

Teresa S.

I was suffering from nausea and anxiety on a regular basis for many years and my doctor began to get concerned. He let me know that I should start having more routine blood checks to make sure nothing was seriously wrong. Soon after starting these more regular visits, it became clear that my high cholesterol had a lot to do with my issues. While the doctor immediately recommended a Statin prescription, I thought I would search for a more holistic approach to calm my cholesterol.

After spending lots of time on Google, I found myself on a page about The Blood Type Diet and how eating a personalized diet could help. While I hadn't heard of it before I stumbled upon it that day, the whole concept made perfect sense to me.

The first thing I did was buy the Eat Right 4 Your Type Cookbook for my Blood Type, A. I loved the recipes, which had tons of variety and were both fun and easy to make. With the help of the cookbook, I was able to follow the diet religiously and never feel short-changed. I made sure to do the diet as Dr. D'Adamo recommended, trying for 80% compliance. I usually did this by being very structured during the week and more lax on weekends, but I always made sure to respect my body based on its specific needs.

When I went back to the doctor after 3 months of The Blood Type Diet, my high levels of cholesterol had diminished back to normal. The doctor was amazed at how quickly I had been able to improve, especially without medication. I continue to follow the diet avoiding the foods that don't serve my body well.

I can thoroughly recommend The Blood Type Diet to anyone struggling with not just weight issues, but any sort of condition. Changing your diet can have more of an impact than you think!

Thank you Dr. D'Adamo!

Teresa S.
Blood Type A

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