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Robert D. - Blood Type Diet Success Story

May 4th, 2017

Blood Type Diet Success StoryI am a 100% believer in the Blood Type Diet. I started to examine my health more seriously after suffering from severe acne from ages 17-35. As teenage blemishes faded in others, mine raged on. I tried every cream and treatment that was recommended, but had underlying issues I didn't fully understand yet. Upon hearing about the Blood Type Diet, I found out I was Type A and began to eliminate the foods that were wrong for my type. One of the biggest culprits was oranges and their related products, like orange juice, oil and peel. After eliminating these "Avoid" items from my diet, the relentless acne that plagued me dissipated. Dermatitis on my scalp proved to be another skin issue that I was having that the Blood Type Diet fought off.

By following the diet strictly, I lost over 30 pounds on top of all the benefits to my skin. I have never felt better. My wife and children have seen my success and follow the diet as well. I will continue to spread the word to everyone I meet about the benefits of following this personalized lifestyle. Thank you Dr. Peter D'Adamo!

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