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Kristin J. - DietBuddy Testimonial

Jun 6th, 2018

Kristin J. - DietBuddy Testimonial

I used DietBuddy to help lose a few stubborn pounds I had gained during menopause. I found the app to be very user-friendly and easy to understand. The tutorials were extremely helpful and enhanced my understanding of how best to use DietBuddy to meet my health goals. I used the calorie counter option. It was quite eye opening to see how many calories were in a typical meal and how to create portion sizes that would help with weight loss. My favorite part of DietBuddy is the tracking of beneficial, neutral and avoid foods in all meals/entries. It was so easy to create healthy, satisfying meals for myself that were filled with beneficials. So not only did I easily meet my weight loss goals after 60 days of using DietBuddy, but my focus on having a high percentage of beneficials in every meal produced other tangible health benefits as well. I noticed an increase in energy, more ease in handling stress and more fluidity and suppleness in several joints that had been plagued with inflammation for years. I highly recommend DietBuddy as an excellent tool to meet your health and lifestyle goals!

B+ Blood Type, Secretor, Nomad

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