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Kelly R. - Blood Type Diet Success Story

Dec 6th, 2016 by The Blood Type Diet

I was encouraged to get my annual lab work done by my medical provider, and when the results came back, the email notification said, “Make an appointment to see your primary care physician.” Uh oh.

When I went to see my doctor a few days later, he told me he was very concerned. Things were “not looking good,” he said. He showed me that my cholesterol and triglycerides were high, and the results of my fasting diabetes test were bad enough to warrant medication. That alarmed me, as I took no medication. Without further ado, he announced, “Mrs. Robertson, wait here and I’ll have the nurse come in and show you how to inject your insulin. Then we'll meet again in a few weeks to see how you’re doing and adjust your medication if needed.”

He left the room, and I quickly got up and left the room too! I went out to my car and cried for a few minutes. Twenty years in the military of practically starving and working out six days a week to qualify for weight and body fat standards, all down the drain since retirement. I was almost 85 pounds heavier. I felt it and I looked it. And now diabetes? Hell no! I pulled myself together and said, “This is it. I can’t be lazy, I have to do something and do it right now!"

At that point my cell rang—it was the doctor. I didn’t answer. I couldn’t. I decided the next step was up to me.

I knew about the Blood Type Diet—I had the book Eat Right for Your Type somewhere, but wasn’t sure where. The truth is, I’d always doubted it. Now I thought about it, and I headed to my local bookstore chain and—BOOM!--I was literally guided to the book. It practically fell off the shelf into my hands as if it was waiting for me—just one copy left, all mine. My cell phone rang again. The doctor. Nope.

I went home and read and read, and it all made sense. I began to eat right for my type--AB—immediately. I don't call it a diet! It’s my way of life.

So here I am, a year later, 84 pounds gone, I'm between 153-155 and holding steady. I sleep all night and don't use my C-pap to breathe anymore. I have no inflammation, no “food babies” (belly bloating), and for the first time in my life, I have ankles! I feel great. I don't have to “diet,” and as long as I stick to the basics of my AB foods I’m good. Better than good! Super good, super great, perfect. Yeah, I miss chicken, avocado and corn/corn products, but it’s a small price to pay for optimum health. And guess what? I don’t have diabetes, and hopefully never will. Thank you, Dr. D'Adamo! I'm paying it forward too, sharing my gift from you with everyone I know.

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