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How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off | Eat Right 4 Your Type

Jun 21st, 2023 by Blood Type Diet

With summer in full swing, many of us are looking for ways to lose weight or maintain a healthy one. If you’re a veteran of the “diet wars,” you already know that many diet plans work well in the short term, but then ultimately fail. Not to mention, they just don’t make you feel good.

There are plenty of theories as to why diets don’t work, including lack of willpower, poor portion control or low compliance. But it’s preposterous to believe that 95 percent of dieters are lazy and unmotivated. Dieters are the most motivated people around!

The one thing that most diets have in common is the premise that they are formulated to work for everyone. But our bodies are not the same. In fact, our individuality is an essential part of our human code. And the key to understanding it lies in your blood type.

The Key to Lasting Weight Loss

Lasting weight loss doesn’t have to be an elusive goal. If you eat according to the biochemical script that’s coded in your blood and your genes, you CAN lose weight. You can also achieve a level of health and fitness you might never have imagined.

Your ABO profile (your blood type) can help you to understand why certain foods are Right 4 Your Type and others aren’t. It can offer you the ultimate in personalized nutrition as well as insight into how you can best manage stress and plan strategies for overall health and well being.

It’s All About Lectins

So how does it work exactly? What does your blood type really mean when it comes to your diet? At the most basic level, it’s all about a class of proteins known as lectins. 

When you eat a food, a chemical reaction occurs between that food and your blood. This reaction is part of your genetic inheritance. Your digestive system (as well as your immune system) maintains a “memory” for foods that your blood type ancestors ate and adapted to. And we know this because of lectin proteins.

Lectins are proteins found in the foods we eat. They have agglutinating properties, meaning they attach themselves to other organisms, including the walls of the digestive tract. When you eat a food that is incompatible with your blood type, lectins, rather than being digested, attach themselves to your tissues and cells, causing inflammation. They can even penetrate the gut lining and escape into your circulatory system, allowing them to wreak havoc on other parts of your body. Harmful lectins incompatible with your blood type can cause weight gain, low energy and even illness.

How Do I Personalize My Diet?

The main goal of a personalized nutrition plan – eating  Right 4 Your Type – is to avoid harmful lectins. Based on decades of research, The Blood Type Diet outlines specifically which foods are beneficial for each blood type, as well as which foods should be avoided. Eating beneficial foods can even repair pre-existing lectin damage, giving your body a chance to heal itself.

Don’t know your blood type? Our inexpensive Original Home Blood Typing Kit is easy to use and provides immediate results. What used to involve a visit to the doctor coupled with medical testing can now be conveniently done at home. Knowing your type is the first step towards achieving optimal weight and overall health and wellbeing.

Top Weight Loss Foods by Blood Type

Once you know your blood type, you can begin to remove Avoids and increase Beneficials in your diet. For example, for those with Blood Type A, red meat is poorly digested and gets stored as fat, whereas soy improves insulin metabolism. For those with Blood Type O, wheat should be avoided, but red meat is actually beneficial as it aids in efficient metabolism.

Here are some of the top foods that hinder or aid in weight loss for each blood type:

Take the 10-day Blood Type Diet challenge

Once you know your blood type and have learned which foods are Beneficials, Neutrals or Avoids (the full list can be found in Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s Eat Right 4 Your Type book, his TypeBase Food Values Database or our Blood Type Diet App), why not kick off your personalized nutrition plan with a 10-day challenge? It’s a fast and easy way to test the effect of The Blood Type Diet for yourself.

What can you expect after 10 days? Weight loss between 1 and 5 pounds, decrease in stomach circumference, less bloating after meals, reduced joint pain, greater energy and reduction of digestive distress. You’ll be well on your way to achieving your optimal weight and overall health. Download information about the challenge here, or find more detailed information in the Revised and Updated Eat Right 4 Your Type book.

What If I Need More Weight Loss Support?

True weight loss is a lifestyle change that begins with learning how your body – and your blood type – uniquely interact with the foods you eat. In essence, personalizing your nutrition plan. But sometimes, especially when you’ve been eating harmful lectins for long periods of time and have damage to repair, supplements can be helpful.

Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s unique series of personal supplements complement your dietary changes and help to support healthy weight loss and maintenance. Personalized for each blood type, the Weight Loss Enhancement Packs help maximize weight loss and increase energy levels. Each pack includes Deflect, which is a supplement formulated to block harmful lectins, especially helpful for those times when an Avoid is unavoidable, and helps to repair existing lectin damage.

Many people find that they begin following The Blood Type Diet with weight loss as a goal, but they stay because they’ve never felt so good. When lectin damage is healed and you continue to feed your body the right foods for your own unique blood type, you will be able to achieve a level of overall health you may have never thought possible.

Personalized Supplements for Weight Loss