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Heather's MS Success Story - The Blood Type Diet

May 16th, 2018

This month's testimonial is a special story from Heather, a woman who suffers from MS and has found great success in soothing the symptoms of the disease by following the Blood Type Diet.

I’m not a doctor – I have no medical training whatsoever. But I am a 37-year-old woman who has kept her MS under control for a dozen years.

One day recently, I was in the checkout line at Walgreens, and there was a woman sitting in one of those wheelchair-alternative scooter-chairs at the front of the line, paying for her merchandise. She gingerly stood up so she could validate her payment information on the little padscreen, then she sat down again.

Hmm, I thought. Her legs work just well enough for her to stand up, so her condition isn’t caused by full paralysis. I wondered if she had MS.

As she gathered up the plastic bags with her goods to get ready to roll out the door, the young man in line behind her (and in front of me) asked her if she needed any help. After she declined, he asked the cashier for a pack of cigarettes.

“Oh, I forgot the milk!” exclaimed the woman in the scooter-chair. She turned her head toward the young man behind her and said, “I need my milk just like you need your cigarettes.”

That solidified it – I was 90 percent sure she had MS now.

“So, you’re a big milk-drinker?” I asked her.

"Yeah,” she said.

“Do you have the B blood type?”


“Do you have the B blood type?” I repeated, adding, “B positive or B negative?”

“No. [Pause.] Wait – yeah! I do!” she said, incredulous that I’d guessed it correctly.

“So do I. That’s also why I have multiple sclerosis.”

“So do I!” she exclaimed. At that moment, I had to hide my excitement over the possibility that I might be able to help this stranger control her condition, or at least help her to be able to understand it more thoroughly.

She looked me up and down, obviously amazed at how healthy I look, and asked me how long ago I was diagnosed. It turned out that she was diagnosed only one year before I was – eight years ago for me (with a warning that I “might have it” four years before that), and nine for her.

I told her about how I’ve been following the blood-type diet for over 10 years, and how people have had amazing results by following the diet – and that milk is a very good food for “Type Bs like us.”

To read more of Heather’s story about battling her MS with the Blood Type Diet,
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