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Healthy Fats, Healthy Life: How Oil Supplements Boost Your Wellbeing

Mar 11th, 2024 by Blood Type Diet

Have you ever wondered what’s with all the hype surrounding oil supplements? Consuming an adequate amount of omega-3 fatty acids through sources like fish oil, flaxseeds or walnuts is essential for promoting cardiovascular health, maintaining a healthy lipid profile, and supporting an overall well-being.

Not a fan of fish? Dr. Peter D'Adamo has formulated four unique oil blends in a convenient supplement form. Consume these products by easily adding them into your favorite salad dresses, drinks and desserts. 

Dr. D’Adamo’s Oil Supplements 4 All Blood Types

Fish Oil Blend Liquid

Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s Fish Oil Blend Liquid provides a combination of cod liver oil and other fish oils designed to support brain and joint function.

Fish oil is well known for its overall health benefits, particularly the maintenance and support of:

  • Heart and cardiovascular health
  • Enhancing normal brain function
  • Healthy joint function
  • Visual health
  • Healthy hair and skin

CLA Oil Blend

This unique blend of essential fatty acids is used to help support metabolic function, weight loss, brain and muscle health.

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), an essential fatty acid, is found in beef, dairy and eggs and cannot be manufactured by the body. CLA has been widely researched for its role in supporting weight loss, promoting healthy muscle mass and improving exercise performance. Dr. D’Adamo’s CLA Oil Blend is cold-pressed and packaged in a light-resistant bottle to preserve the quality and freshness of the oils. This unique formula is designed to fulfill the following benefits:

  • Provide optimal metabolic function
  • Promote healthy muscle maintenance

Flaxseed Oil Formula

Dr. D’Adamo’s blend of cold-pressed flaxseed oil was designed to improve cardiovascular, digestive, joint and skin health.

As a great source of omega-3s, our superior formula provides a greater source of EFAs (essential fatty acids) derived from flaxseed with a high level of dietary fiber and lignans, which contain plant estrogens and antioxidants.

While providing beneficial omega-3s, the omega-9 fatty acids offer many health benefits as well. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicates omega-9 fatty acids may play a role in increasing metabolism and improving mood. The benefits of flaxseed oil supplementation include:

  • Cardiovascular support
  • Promotion of digestive health
  • Joint comfort and mobility
  • Healthy skin and hair

Membrosia Fluidizer

This synergistic blend of five valuable oils enhances and maintains healthy cell membranes while promoting brain health.

  • Flaxseed Oil and Cod Liver Oil - Both of these oils are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and are considered "brain food."
  • Perilla Seed Oil - Rich in rosmarinic acid to help properly support healthy immune function.
  • Black Cumin and Walnut Oil - Black cumin and walnut oils are known to enhance the detoxification process in the nervous system.

Dr. D’Adamo’s Membrosia System supports the healthy function of molecules known as chaperones. Molecular chaperones work to ensure that the proteins inside our cells 'fold' together to ensure proper function of becoming an enzyme, or a hormone, etc.

Expand your experience with supplements by choosing any of these four unique oils carefully formulated by Dr. D’Adamo. It may not quite be liquid gold, but we consider it pretty close. Order yours on our website: Vitamins and Supplements - Personalized Nutrition (