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Blanca D. - Blood Type Diet Success Story

Jan 9th, 2017 by The Blood Type Diet

After I turned 40, I had a variety of health problems and I weighed 210 pounds. I had many food restrictions, and had stopped eating seafood because of dizziness and terrible stomach pains. When I heard about the Blood Type Diet in February 2009, I was worried that my food restrictions as a Type A would make it impossible to follow. However, one day I just decided to go for it and I noticed changes as soon as the first day.

Thanks to the Blood Type Diet, I’ve lost 60 pounds. My high blood pressure has been regulated and my overall health has had a significant improvement. I feel healthier, and my body, hair, nails and skin are stronger.

I created a Facebook group page that currently has over 2000 members. I post a few times a day and share tips, tricks and my progress/history. I constantly remind my family and friends to try the diet because it has helped me in so many ways, both physically and emotionally. I hope to continue changing lives as it changed mine. 

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