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Angela L. - Blood Type Diet Success Story

Apr 29th, 2019 by Blood Type Diet

Angela L. - Before and AfterLike her mother before her, Angela L. (Blood Type O) struggled with weight her whole life and had never felt truly well. By age 45, she was 5’1” and 210 pounds, dealing with thyroid issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatigue, digestion issues—and a complete lack of self esteem. She was ignoring her body’s reactions to food, choosing to push through despite her nearly constant sense of physical discomfort. She tried various diets along the way, looking for the magic solution, but was left feeling defeated as each fell by the wayside leaving no lasting results.

In 2013, she found a copy of Eat Right 4 Your Type in a Goodwill store, and it caught her attention.

What made you decide to try The Blood Type Diet?

I’ve always been a researcher, so I started really looking into it and thought—I’ve been on every other stinkin’ diet, why not? I couldn’t believe the transformation! I felt healthy for the first time, and I didn’t have to work to keep the weight off.

Did your experience change the way you look at nutrition or health in general?

Once I’d lost the weight and was feeling good, my next goal was getting hired to work at a gym. I was 67 pounds lighter, and I thought, if they hire me then wow—I’ve really done something here. They did! I was 48 years old.

Working there, I would see the same people come into the gym for years, training so hard without getting the results they wanted. I would think—you’re killing yourself! Show me your FOOD!

What are your health goals going forward?

Being able to help others is so important to me. When you are as heavy as I was, there’s a mental dysmorphia that sets in. But I know that as you make slow changes, the emotional baggage fades away too.

My mother was a yo-yo dieter who struggled with weight her whole life. She had diabetes, high blood pressure, and she died at age 52—the age I’ll be this year. I wish she she could have known about this. But I share all my knowledge with my four children and six grandchildren, and I work as a holistic health and wellness coach to help others.

I always start new clients with The Blood Type Diet. Everybody needs to feel this good!