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May 2018 - D'Adamo Newsletter

Volume 14, Number 5

A Happy Birthday

by Martha D'Adamo

Martha D'Adamo

This May is a milestone month for us marking 20 years since we started D’Adamo Personalized Nutrition. So much has happened since the early days in our attic. Back then, Eat Right 4 Your Type had just been published and was building a strong grassroots following. We found a company to make a home blood-typing kit for us so it was convenient, easy and affordable for readers and followers to find out their blood type. We worked with a contract manufacturer to make our first products, Ara 6, Fucus and Taraxacum, and Peter began formulating our line of blood type specific products.

It was so energizing to be part of the movement towards personalized nutrition, despite the lack of awareness in the general public about its benefits at the time. Our efforts were focused on education, and in the “olden days” of 1998, it was standard procedure for a book author to go out on the road on a lecture tour. Peter was amazing about it all, packing up on a Wednesday after two full days of clinical practice and flying around to large and small cities alike, meeting thousands of people whose lives were positively impacted by following the Blood Type Diet. Not only were they losing weight, they were clearing up pre-existing health conditions at the same time. Issues like long-standing psoriasis, achy joints and irritable bowel syndrome retreated and people gained energy as well as a whole new sense of vitality through the process. As a physician before being an author, this was rewarding for Peter to hear. Over the years we have collected hundreds of these inspiring success stories that have piled up as the awareness of the Blood Type Diet has grown.

Concurrently, our little business grew in stages from the attic we started in to our current 10,000 square feet of space in South Norwalk, Connecticut. This large space, which we have been in for over 2 years now, houses our customer service and administrative offices as well as our warehouse. We have an amazing team of people who work diligently to provide the quality of service our customers deserve, and every person in the company is dedicated to this level of  excellence in each aspect of our business.

We appreciate you sharing the journey with us and being an integral part of the D’Adamo Personalized Nutrition family. We look forward to the next 20 years together. Enjoy this newsletter, with a great article from Peter about the benefits of the BTD, an inspiring testimonial, delicious recipes and more.

Stay tuned for a special surprise on the actual date of our anniversary, May 23rd, and have a wonderful month!



The Blood Type Diet: It's More than Just Weight Loss by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo

Many people first come to the Blood Type Diet for weight loss, but they stay for far different reasons. Not just for weight loss, the Blood Type Diet can support the health of your body from the inside out. The nexus of your overall health is the gut, so bringing that into balance has far-reaching holistic effects. So many of my patients report back that joint pain, headaches, skin rashes or other persistent issues they tried to fix with medication went away simply by regulating their diet by blood type. Nothing makes me happier than hearing these stories of the body healing naturally through proper care; it’s very much the center of the naturopathic vision.

Below are some of the many conditions that may be positively impacted by following the Blood Type Diet.


90 percent of all diabetes is preventable by eating the right diet and exercising appropriately. This statistic makes it the perfect poster child for the power of the Blood Type Diet in diminishing conditions. Simple carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, a sugar and usable energy source for your body's cells. Insulin signals your cells to absorb that glucose and use it for energy. If you are overloading your body with too much food, especially simple carbohydrates, your insulin remains consistently high and you won't be able to effectively metabolize glucose for energy. This leads to excess glucose in the blood, and eventually Type II Diabetes. A healthy diet for your blood type will support the body in reducing the main offenders causing these harmful reactions. Learn More


Arthritis is a broad term that literally means “joint inflammation” and can include over 100 conditions under its umbrella, including fibromyalgia and scleroderma as well as the more common rheumatoid and osteo forms of arthritis. In general, inflammation is a positive systematic response activated by the body with the goal of fighting infections and healing damaged tissue, among other things. Eating the wrong foods for your blood type can result in inflammation flare-ups, showing the direct connection between diet and joint health. Bone and cartilage, the two main components of a joint, are also heavily impacted by your diet and can be strengthened or weakened based on your intake of important vitamins and minerals. Learn More


While people know that certain foods can cause acute allergic reactions immediately upon ingestion, there are far less apparent connections that exist between diet and allergies. So many Blood Type Dieters report back that their seasonal allergies are helped after starting a compliant diet. This is because the body has a limited workload it can handle at once. Taxing your body to deal with negative lectins from avoid type foods and then adding allergies to that mix is usually enough to “break the camel’s back.” If you are BTD compliant, your body will have more than enough energy to digest properly and still ward off allergens. Learn More


Most women view menopause as a state of diminished health, mostly from old stereotypes stemming from a time when the average lifespan of a woman was 52. In the modern day, women can have 30+ years of vibrant life following menopause. Because of the depth of hormonal and metabolic systems affected by menopause, the experience can be drastically different for each person. Your experience could be quite different than that of sisters, mothers or friends because you are an individual with a unique environment, genetic makeup, and personal history. Following a Blood Type Diet throughout this time period will support your body and make it better suited to handle the changes involved, supporting the reduction of symptoms such as hot flashes, weakened bladder function and skin issues. Learn More


I discovered early in my career as a naturopath that when a woman was following the Blood Type Diet, her fertility increased dramatically. This had to do with the fact that her body was far more healthy overall and not overtaxed, allowing it to be a more welcome place for a baby to be. Even women who had long-standing fertility problems and repeated miscarriages were often able to start pregnancy and carry to full term after reducing the stress of a poor diet on their body. Learn More


The blood type antigen is one of the main ways your immune system can identify what is helpful and what is harmful within your body. When cancer strikes, it can confuse your immune system into not being able to make this important distinction, resulting in internal anarchy. The Blood Type Diet can help your body against this harrowing disease in a few ways, including lowering the amount of toxins in your body, raising the amount of blood-type specific positive lectins (which have been proven to help destroy malignant cancer cells) and to bolster your overall immunity and nutrient health that gets hit hard and needs help replenishing after chemotherapy treatments. Learn More

Cardiovascular Health

The entire cardiovascular system is driven by the heart, which pumps blood throughout the body. Different blood types metabolize fats and oils differently and also can have different viscosities which affect circulation. Cholesterol, stress response and artery inflammation are all also affected by the different blood types and the subsequent foods you eat in relation to them. It’s no surprise that the internal system driven by blood is so prominently affected by its genetic makeup. Learn More


The maintenance of a proper diet throughout your life has been shown to affect some of the most prominent signs of aging such as mental decline, reduced energy levels and nutrient deficiencies. Much of this has to do with cellular health. Cells naturally age and get thinner walls and overall weaker functionality, but maintaining a proper blood type diet can strengthen cell health. Since cells are the building blocks of the body, having these pieces strong is a key contributor to slowing the aging process. Learn More


Fatigue is a sometimes vague and confusing concept, because while all of us have been tired from lack of sleep or sickness, fatigue is something that lingers and is not easily dissuaded. Chronic fatigue usually occurs from underlying health issues, such as nutrient deficiencies and too much of a heavy workload being put on your body’s internal systems. The Blood Type Diet not only insures you are getting the vitamins and nutrients that you need to feel better, but also eases the stress on your body from having to deal with harmful foods and toxins. It’s amazing how consistently I hear new Blood Type Dieters mention that their energy levels have never felt higher. Learn More

Blood Type Beyond the Most Common Conditions

While these are some of the most commonly asked about conditions, and thus worthy of entire books focused on them, they only scratch the surface of what the Blood Type Diet can do for you. If you want to take a deep dive and see the most detailed information available about over 300 conditions, you can pick up The Eat Right 4 Your Type Complete Blood Type Diet Encyclopedia, the most comprehensive database of blood type related scientific and medical information available in one volume. It also includes Blood Group Protocols, which are specific plans to support certain health goals, customized to each blood type. Supplement and vitamin information is also included in this nearly 600 page knowledge-packed book. If you have an underlying condition you have been unable to shake that isn’t covered in one of the condition specific books above, the encyclopedia just might have the answers you have been looking for.

The Blood Type Diet’s Bigger Picture

Remember, a diet that pushes only weight loss as its primary goal isn’t thinking big enough. I didn’t create the Blood Type Diet for its superficial impacts, but for the way it can help people fight conditions they have been plagued with, from the small, nagging pain of headaches to the overwhelming enormity of cancer or chronic illness. So many times, people who aren’t even suffering from any conditions will start to feel better and, in that moment, realize what they considered “normal” for themselves was still far from healthy.

The Blood Type Diet is by no means a cure for disease, it is a fortification for your body that makes it as healthy and unencumbered as possible. The body is strong and smart, capable of fighting off so much more than we think, if we only treat it with the respect it deserves.


Heather's MS Success Story

A Blood Type Diet Success Story

This month's testimonial is a special story from Heather, a woman who suffers from MS and has found great success in soothing the symptoms of the disease by following the Blood Type Diet. 

I’m not a doctor – I have no medical training whatsoever. But I am a 37-year-old woman who has kept her MS under control for a dozen years.

One day recently, I was in the checkout line at Walgreens, and there was a woman sitting in one of those wheelchair-alternative scooter-chairs at the front of the line, paying for her merchandise. She gingerly stood up so she could validate her payment information on the little padscreen, then she sat down again.

Hmm, I thought. Her legs work just well enough for her to stand up, so her condition isn’t caused by full paralysis. I wondered if she had MS.

As she gathered up the plastic bags with her goods to get ready to roll out the door, the young man in line behind her (and in front of me) asked her if she needed any help. After she declined, he asked the cashier for a pack of cigarettes.

“Oh, I forgot the milk!” exclaimed the woman in the scooter-chair. She turned her head toward the young man behind her and said, “I need my milk just like you need your cigarettes.”

That solidified it – I was 90 percent sure she had MS now.

“So, you’re a big milk-drinker?” I asked her.

"Yeah,” she said.

“Do you have the B blood type?”


“Do you have the B blood type?” I repeated, adding, “B positive or B negative?”

“No. [Pause.] Wait – yeah! I do!” she said, incredulous that I’d guessed it correctly.

“So do I. That’s also why I have multiple sclerosis.”

“So do I!” she exclaimed. At that moment, I had to hide my excitement over the possibility that I might be able to help this stranger control her condition, or at least help her to be able to understand it more thoroughly.

She looked me up and down, obviously amazed at how healthy I look, and asked me how long ago I was diagnosed. It turned out that she was diagnosed only one year before I was – eight years ago for me (with a warning that I “might have it” four years before that), and nine for her.

I told her about how I’ve been following the blood-type diet for over 10 years, and how people have had amazing results by following the diet – and that milk is a very good food for “Type Bs like us.”

To read more of Heather’s story about battling her MS with the Blood Type Diet,
read her full blog article on the Newsmax website.


Blood Type Diet in the News

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Popsugar Fitness covered the basics of the Blood Type Diet, including some of the best diet options for each blood type.

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Blood Type Diet Online Cooking Course

Blood Type Diet Online Cooking Course

Our friend Louisa the "Eat Right Chef" is doing an online cooking course that teaches fundamental techniques as well as Blood Type Specific recipes.

Learn more and sign up


Crispy Turkey Tenders 
with Apricot Dipping Sauce-Right 4 All Blood Types

Turkey is a meat that is lean, right for all types and a great source of protein. These crispy turkey tenders are innovative and will give you that satisfying crunch of fried chicken without the guilt that normally comes with it.

Serves 4

Crispy Turkey Tenders Ingredients


  • 2 rice cakes
  • 1 teaspoon paprika
  • ½ teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 large egg
  • 2 teaspoons milk*
  • 4 turkey tenderloins
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • Nonstick cooking spray


Apricot Dipping Sauce Ingredients

Dipping sauce

  • 2 teaspoons ground mustard
  • 2 tablespoons no-sugar-added apricot spread
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice

*Types B & AB use 2% cow milk, Type O & A use almond milk



  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Grease a baking sheet with non-stick spray and set aside.
  2. Grind rice cakes in a food processor or mini chopper until small crumbs form. Pour in a shallow bowl, add paprika and salt, then toss to combine.
  3. Whisk egg and milk in a separate bowl. Dip tenderloins first into egg mixture and then into rice cake mixture, turning to coat.
  4. Heat oil in a large, oven safe skillet over medium-low heat, and brown tenderloins, about 5 minutes per side.
  5. Place on prepared baking sheet and bake until cooked through, about 8 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.
  6. While the turkey cooks, whisk together mustard, apricot spread, and lemon juice to create the dipping sauce.
  7. Serve tenderloins warm, with dipping sauce on side.