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March 2016 - D'Adamo Newsletter

Volume 13, Number 3

Maximize Your Energy

by Martha D'Adamo
Martha D'Adamo

Eating right for your blood type provides the foundation for optimizing your energy levels and fighting fatigue.  These food guidelines, when paired with lifestyle adaptations, supply additional support and help beat the effects of fatigue by strengthening your immune system and improving metabolic and cellular fitness.

Exercise plays a vital role in overcoming situational fatigue and building long lasting vitality.  There are blood type specific exercise recommendations, which you can find in Eat Right for Your Type or the Fatigue: Fight it with the Blood Type Diet books, and here are three general steps to effective exercise that everyone can follow:

  • Warm up with stretching and flexibility moves before your start your aerobic exercise.
  • To achieve maximum cardiovascular benefits, work toward an elevated heart rate that is about 70% of your capacity. Once you reach the elevated rate, continue exercising to maintain that rate for 20 to 30 minutes.  To calculate your maximum heart rate and performance level:
    • Subtract your age from 220.
    • Multiply the difference by .70 (.60 if you are over age 60).  This is the high end of your performance.
    • Multiply the remainder by .50.  This is the low end of your performance.
    • Finish the aerobic session with at least a five-minute cool down of stretching and relation moves.

If you can do this three times a week, you've got a solid foundation for fatigue boosting and energy building.  Combining this with your Blood Type Diet and a healthy sleep cycle, and you will be unstoppable!


Fatigue and Your Blood Type

by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo

Fatigue and Your Blood Type

Everyone gets tired sometimes, but fatigue is much more than that. Many different things can cause fatigue; among them are immune system malfunction, stress, and toxicity.

The immune system destroys harmful things like bacteria and viruses while protecting its own cells.  Chemicals called antigens are often found on the outside of cells, and the body uses these to help tell the cells apart.  Normally, the body creates antibodies to foreign cells. Auto-immune diseases occur when the body gets confused and treats its own cells like invaders.

Red blood cells have antigens, and these vary by blood type. People with O blood create antibodies to the A and B antigens,  As create B antibodies, Bs create A antibodies, and ABs don't create basic blood type antibodies at all, since they have the A and the B antigen on their cells.

Because Os have more natural antibodies than other types, the immune system is "primed" to react to more things. They are more likely to get auto-immune conditions.  Type As are most vulnerable to immune system depletion, getting sick more often. Type Bs are more prone to viral infections, including slow-growing ones that lead to autoimmune conditions. They're most susceptible to influenza and urinary tract infections. Type ABs have the weaknesses of As and Bs.

Our bodies are designed to handle short bursts of stress, but chronic stress can cause health problems and fatigue. Our stress response system has two basic parts; one to put the body into "stress mode" and the other to return the body to rest. The time at rest is important for proper digestion, healing, and normal cell repair.  Adrenaline is designed for short-term stress response, while cortisol is used for the medium-term.

Type Os tend to secrete higher levels of adrenaline in response to stress, but have a harder time clearing it  away later.  Exercise helps the type O body "burn off" the extra adrenaline, restoring calm to the body. Type ABs also produce high levels of adrenaline.

Type A people have higher levels of cortisol all the time. Both As and Bs produce high amounts of cortisol in response to stress. Sustained high cortisol levels destroy healthy muscle and bone, slows down healing, impairs digestion, metabolism, and mental function. Producing all that cortisol also uses up the building blocks for other hormones, leading to various endocrine problems. Type Bs respond well to meditation and visualization, while As respond to these in a less efficient manner. As need to focus on calming exercises, minimizing the cortisol spike in the first place.

Cells create energy from oxygen and food, storing it as ATP. Molecules called second messengers tell the cells when to release ATP.  Stress hormones cause more of these messengers to be active, calling for more ATP to be released at once. When the cells keep being told to release energy faster than they can make it, they stop responding as well. This leads to less energy being released from cells at all times. Less cellular energy means more fatigue.

Normal metabolism produces cellular wastes, called endotoxins. Xenobiotics are foreign substances found inside the body, such as chemicals that are breathed in, or pesticide residues from foods. Dietary lectins can affect your body's ability to clear both natural and foreign toxins from the body, and this toxic buildup can lead to fatigue.

Lectins are natural proteins found in foods that react with blood type antigens. Since there are blood type antigens found in the digestive tract, dietary lectins can cause inflammation in the gut and affect digestion. Sluggish digestion can cause fatigue as less energy is drawn from food.  Some lectins make it into the blood stream to cause problems elsewhere in the body.  Lectins are very blood type specific; there are foods that are toxic for one blood type yet perfectly healthy for another.

Following the Blood Type Diet and Exercise recommendations can relieve fatigue. You'll be cutting out harmful lectins that make your body less efficient, as well as foods you can't digest properly. Learning how to exercise "just right" is important too. Over exercising will cause cortisol levels to spike in As, increasing stress rather than relieving it. Meanwhile, Type Os  tend to thrive on vigorous aerobic exercise, and Bs and ABs fall somewhere in between. Those coping with chronic fatigue need to start slowly and avoid over exertion, regardless of blood type.

For more information, you can refer to my book Fatigue: Fight It With the Blood Type Diet. A complete listing of the foods for the Blood Type Diet can also be found on the Type Base.

Top 10 Fatigue Fighting Super Foods for Each Type

[Click the images below to download]
Top 10 Fatigue Fighting Super Foods for Blood Type O Top 10 Fatigue Fighting Super Foods for Blood Type A Top 10 Fatigue Fighting Super Foods for Blood Type B Top 10 Fatigue Fighting Super Foods for Blood Type AB


Fatigue-Fighting Checklist by Blood Type

Blood Type O | Fatigue-Fighting Diet Checklist

  • Eat small to moderate portions of high-quality, lean, organic, grass-fed meat several times a week for strength.
  • Include regular portions of richly oiled cold-water fish.
  • Consume little or no dairy foods.
  • Eliminate wheat and wheat-based products from your diet.
  • Limit your intake of beans principally to those that are BENEFICIAL.
  • Eat lots of BENEFICIAL fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid stimulants found in caffeine (coffee, colas, etc.).
  • Avoid coffee, but drink green tea every day.

Blood Type A | Fatigue-Fighting Diet Checklist

  • Avoid or limit animal proteins.
  • Derive your primary protein from plant foods with seafood used occasionally.
  • Seafood should be primarily richly oiled cold-water fish.
  • Include modest amounts of cultured dairy foods in your diet, but avoid fresh milk products.
  • Don't overdo the grains, especially wheat-derived foods.
  • Eat lots of BENEFICIAL fruits and vegetables, especially those high in antioxidants and fiber.
  • Drink green tea every day for extra immune system benefits.

Blood Type B | Fatigue-Fighting Diet Checklist

  • Eat small-to-moderate portions of high-quality, lean, organic meat (especially goat, lamb, and mutton) several times a week for strength, energy, and digestive health.
  • Avoid Chicken.
  • Include regular portions of richly oiled cold-water fish.
  • Regularly eat cultured dairy foods, such as yogurt and kefir, which are beneficial for digestive health.
  • Eliminate wheat and corn from your diet.
  • Eat lots of BENEFICIAL fruits and vegetables.
  • If you need a daily dose of caffeine, replace coffee with green tea.
  • Avoid foods that are Type B red flags, especially chicken, corn, buckwheat, peanuts, soy beans, lentils, potatoes, and tomatoes.

Blood Type AB | Fatigue-Fighting Diet Checklist

  • Derive your protein primarily from sources other than red meat.
  • Eliminate chicken from your diet.
  • Eat soy foods and seafood as your primary protein.
  • Include modest amounts of cultured dairy foods in your diet, but limit fresh milk products.
  • Don't overdo the grains, especially wheat-derived foods.  Avoid corn flour altogether.
  • Eat lots of BENEFICIAL fruits and vegetables, especially those high in antioxidants and fiber.
  • Avoid coffee, but drink two to three cups of green tea every day.

These checklists were excerpted from the
Fatigue: Fight it with the Blood Type Diet
where you can find other healthy tips and recipes that are right for your blood type.


Dr. D'Adamo's Favorites for Fatigue and Energy

Methyl 12 Plus

Methyl 12 Plus
Simply put, our  Methyl-12 Plus formula delivers innovative, high quality ingredients at an amazing price.

Dr. D'Adamo has blended the two biologically 'active' forms of vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin) together to maximize absorption and utilization. Methylcobalamin is also the specific form of B12 needed for nervous system health. Then Dr. D'Adamo added folate, the active form of vitamin B9, to the formula. Many B12 supplements use the cheaper synthetic form of vitamin B9 known as 'folic acid.' Folate, on the other hand, is the form of vitamin B9 found in foods. Finally, to make a great formula even greater, our Methyl 12 Plus formula comes to you at a price that's difficult to beat.

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Carob Extract

Carob Extract
Our Carob Extract is a blend of four synergistic ingredients designed to support healthy blood sugar levels and maintain healthy intestinal flora. Scientific studies point to its importance as a nutritional add-on for simple occasional fatigue. Over the past few years, Carob has enjoyed increasing popularity as a low fat, low-calorie, and caffeine-free alternative to chocolate. Carob supplementation acts as a mild energy enhancer and assists in the inhibition of bacterial overgrowth in the intestine. Carob is also a great digestive regulator, helping to enhance optimum peristalsis (the movement of digestive contents through the digestive tract).

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Harmonia Deluxe

Harmonia Deluxe
This exceptional blend of nutrients is formulated to enhance your overall health, vitality, and energy. You know you should eat more fresh, healthy greens — now here is a healthy way to introduce those fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.

Harmonia Deluxe blends instantly with juices or beverages - choose those right for your type. Some customers enjoy blending this with Proberry 3™ Liquid and water for a refreshing drink.  What an energizing way to start the day! Our greens beverage powder provides an unequaled combination of botanicals, delivering a wide array of nutrients to the body. And, unlike any other health drink, it is designed by Dr. Peter D'Adamo to specifically benefit all blood types. Harmonia Deluxe provides an all-natural alternative to processed foods

Harmonia features a wide variety of sprouted seeds and grasses bursting with nutritional integrity and enzymatic activity. The blend also contains antioxidant-rich fruits such as elderberry, cherry and blueberry, plus phytonutrients, such as, ginger.

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Protein Blend Powder - Blood Type Specific

Protein Blend Powder
Our D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition custom-blended Protein Blend Powder provides the ultimate in clean protein fuel, quickly and easily absorbed by your body for optimal uptake and energy production. 

Naturally unflavored, and containing no added sugar, Protein Blend Powders mix easily with juices, fruit and anything you can create. Many nutritionists recommend 'grazing' or eating many smaller meals throughout the day. With Dr. D'Adamo's Protein Blend Powders, you can blend a quick and nutritious shake that will provide a clean, quality protein source, either in-between meals or in place of a full meal. 

Fatigue: Fight it With The Blood Type Diet

Fatigue: Fight it With The Blood Type Diet
The Individualized Plan for Preventing and Treating the Conditions that Cause Fatigue.

Fatigue: Fight it With The Blood Type Diet features: 

  • Condition-specific tools for preventing and treating the conditions that cause fatigue that are not available in any of Dr. D'Adamo's other books.
  • A diet tailored to your blood type that helps you prevent and treat fatigue.
  • A new category of condition-specific Super Beneficials that highlight powerful foods.
  • Blood-type-specific protocols for targeted vitamins, supplements, and herbs.
  • Finally, Fatigue includes a four-week plan for getting started, offering practical strategies for eating, exercising, and living right to prevent and treat the conditions that cause fatigue.

Learn More


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Energy-Boosting Protein Drinks

Right for Each Blood Type

Our bodies' require the proper nutrients to function efficiently.  Following your blood type specific diet provides maximum nutritional support to fight fatigue and support healthy energy levels.  Here's an energy-boosting protein drink recipe adapted for each blood type.

Type O - Energy-Boosting Protein DrinkType A - Energy-Boosting Protein Drink

Type B - Energy-Boosting Protein DrinkType AB - Energy-Boosting Protein Drink

This recipe was adapted from the
Eat Right for Your Type Personalized Cookbooks
where you can find delicious, healthy recipes that are right for your blood type.