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Here's a list of frequently asked questions, which you may find helpful.

Starting The Blood Type Diet

The first step on the journey to improved health is finding out your blood type. If you don’t know your type, try our easy Home Blood-Typing Test Kit. Or learn more about the diet here.

Because the food lists from Eat Right 4 Your Type are proprietary, we are unable to provide them. However, on our Diet Tools & Downloads page, PDF files are available for download to help guide you.

That depends on what you’re looking to achieve. If you are trying to lose weight or boost overall well-being, you should start with Eat Right For Your Type. If you’d like to address a particular health issue, check out our Condition-Specific Library.

We provide food values in several locations. You can refer to the individualized food lists in Eat Right for Your Type or any of our condition-specific books. If you prefer a digital reference, check out our Blood Type Diet App or TypeBase searchable database for a comprehensive overview of Beneficials, Neutrals and Avoids.

Dr. D'Adamo has written our online D'Adamo Supplement Advisor to get you started. Simply answer some basic questions and we will make some recommendations specific to you.

Shopping and cooking for multiple blood types is made easy by using our Blood Type Diet App. Use the Family Food List function to combine common foods for multiple blood types, or the  Shopping List feature to choose your own list or combined family list. Available for iPhone or Android.

About Our Science

Lectins are proteins, chiefly of plant origin, that bind to certain specific sugars and cause agglutination of particular cells. Different bodies react differently to lectins based on blood type. Read more here or watch our lectin video.

  • Beneficial foods do not contain the harmful lectins (proteins that can agglutinate blood) present in Avoids nor do they raise bowel toxicity. Beneficials contain an enzyme known to react positively with the antigen of the blood type. They are metabolized well by the digestive tract and can protect against some ABO-specific diseases.
  • Neutral foods simply act as foods. While the Neutral foods may not have the special health benefits of the Beneficials, they're certainly good for the body and contain many nutrients needed.
  • Avoid foods are the opposite of Beneficials. Whereas Beneficial foods act as medicine, Avoid foods can be toxic, possessing harmful lectins or other properties that can react adversely with the specific blood type. These foods are incompatible in terms of healthy digestion relative to the acid/alkaline balance of the digestive tract.

This indicates that the food has not yet been evaluated. There are some foods where there just is not sufficient data to make a determination for some or all the blood types.

Practicing good compliance--sticking to your diet as much as possible--is important. If you are healthy, at least 80% of your food choices should be Beneficial. If you are ill or recovering from an illness, 100% compliance is recommended.  

Rh factor (what distinguishes A+ blood from A- blood, for example) is not important for The Blood Type Diet. It does, however, matter for The GenoType Diet.

The processing of certain foods can change their chemical composition, thus changing their Blood Type Diet classification. Concentration, fiber, phytonutrients among other things may change.

A Secretor is defined as a person who secretes their blood type antigens into body fluids and secretions like the saliva in your mouth, the mucus in your digestive tract and respiratory cavities, etc. A Non-secretor, on the other hand, puts little to none of their blood type into these same fluids. Find out more about learning your secretor status here.

The difference is the level of personalization. The Blood Type Diet is a great place to start, then add your secretor status for more detailed guidelines. SWAMI XP, our most personalized program, goes even further by taking into account body measurements and health history, in addition to blood type and secretor status, to generate a custom 50-page personalized nutrition report.

New for 2019, D’Adamo Personalized Nutrition has introduced Housecall with Dr. D’Adamo, a virtual telehealth consulting practice which offers patients everywhere access to Dr. D’Adamo and his expert staff.


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Setting up an account is easy. Just fill out our application and we’ll get back to you within 2 business days.