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Diet Tools & Downloads

Weekly Shopping Lists:

We've created downloadable Weekly Shopping Lists for ease of reference. Click on the appropriate blood type icon below, to print out the list and use it as a guide to navigating the aisles at the grocery store.

Your Refrigerator:

Getting Started with the Fridge: Salad, Roasted Vegetables, Fruit, Milk, Extras, Proteins
Filling up Your Freezer: Smoothies, Leftovers, Protein

Select your blood type and download your personalized guide below:

Time to Get in That Pantry:

The pantry holds the key to your success following the Blood Type Diet. Setting it up with your Beneficials and Neutrals makes day to day food prep easier and will help you be successful in integrating and maintaining these lifestyle changes. We've put together a handy reference tool that can help integrating your pantry with your nutrition goals.

Daily Food and Progress Journals

So often, when we are starting a new program or gotten a little careless about following a nutrition/lifestyle routine, we need to have some structure that allows us to self monitor and evaluate how we are doing. We've created a Daily Food and Progress Journal sheet that allows you to track your food, beverages, exercise, and emotions, and it is amazing to look back and see how you've done -- where you've succeeded (go you!) and where you need a little assistance (go you even more!)