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Top 10 Allergy Fighting Superfoods by Blood Type

Feb 26th, 2024 by Blood Type Diet

What Foods Help with Allergies? Discover Superfoods for Each Blood Type

As with nearly every symptom your body can experience, allergies can have slightly different effects for people with different blood types due to the natural inclinations of the type in question. Here are some basic trends for each type in relation to allergies.

  • Type O: dietary lectins react more with immune system (IgE) molecules, leading to more aggressive allergies and overall inflammation.
  • Type A: produce more mucus on average and more of a substance known as selectin, which leads to inflammation.
  • Type B: increased susceptibility to forms of lung inflammation, like asthma and viral infections.
  • Type AB: lower overall immunity, but some of the best resistance to respiratory based allergies.

Because of these kinds of specific reactions to seasonal allergies there are also certain foods that can help each blood type support their immune system to help fight allergies. Select your blood type specific list below to view:

Blood Type O - Allergy Fighting FoodsBlood Type A - Allergy Fighting FoodsBlood Type B - Allergy Fighting FoodsBlood Type AB - Allergy Fighting Foods

How to Help Reduce Allergies Naturally: The Correlation Between Allergies and Blood Type  

Allergies can put stress on your body, causing it to work overtime to handle the perceived threat. Reducing the overall stress on your body by following the Blood Type Diet is a great first step. Your body needs to work hard to deal with food lectins that are not right for your type, which is one point of pressure. Warding off seasonal illness is another.

A diet of harmful lectins also can lead to leaky gut and overall inflammation, two things that stress your body further and can cause even more unwanted reactions. These reactions can include but aren’t limited to: skin conditions, digestive problems, respiratory issues, eye irritation, sinusitis or ear infections.

Dr. D'Adamo's Supplement Favorites for Changing Seasons

Personalized nutrition lays the groundwork for improving your respiratory health. By incorporating specific herbs and supplements, you can offer extra support for your respiratory and immune systems during the changing seasons.

Here are some excellent supplements to consider:

  •   Quercetin Plus – Supports histamine clearance and helps reduce seasonal symptoms, as well as provides support for both the cardiovascular and immune systems.
  • Collinsonia Plus – This herbal supplement provides natural support for sinus and throat health.
  •  Proberry Caps – These powerful antioxidants and flavonoids support healthy immune function.
  •  Breathe Easy Pack – Buy the powerful trio of Quercetin Plus, Collinsonia Plus and Proberry Caps together at a 20% savings.

Allergies: Fight Them with The Blood Type Diet

For those seeking an even more targeted approach to addressing allergies, Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s book, Allergies: Fight Them with The Blood Type Diet, offers individualized treatment plans for every blood type. The book provides blood-type-specific protocols for targeted vitamins, supplements and herbs—including a four-week plan for getting started and practical strategies for eating and exercising.

Don’t know your blood type? Get started with our Original Home Blood-Typing Kit.

A personalized approach to nutrition is beneficial for everyone, but for those dealing with the discomforts of seasonal allergies, it could mean the difference between enjoying the spring weather and counting down the days until the leaves turn brown.

In the words of Dr. D’Adamo, "Be the biological individual you were meant to be!" And that includes breathing easy when the seasons change.