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DietBuddy: Your Best Friend in Personalized Nutrition by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo

Jun 1st, 2018 by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo

DietBuddy: Your Best Friend in Personalized Nutrition

After months of development and testing, I'm excited to be launching my free web-based Datapunk DietBuddy application. It's a unique way to track and measure adherence to any of my current D'Adamo Diet Systems (Blood Type Diet, GenoType Diet and SWAMI protocol) using a simple and quick 'diet diary' input system. It also allows tracking of simple health data, such as your weight and daily water consumption. Your compliance will be displayed as valuable feedback by a series of informative and visually beautiful infographic pages.

How Compliant Are You?

Diet Compliance Tool & Tracker

Feedback from early users reported they were surprised at their actual compliance rate once they started diligently tracking food intake through DietBuddy. A graphic pie chart displays user compliance-at-a-glance, even showing diet specific adherence. Using the application is a great way to better self-regulate and optimize the diet journey in ways that were difficult in the past.  As as I dug into DietBuddy and watched the success of the users, I realized there were even more things the program could be doing.

Beyond Compliance

Once you input your food data into DietBuddy, you will be given not just detailed tracking tools, but a bevy of other options. I have made it so everyone, from the most basic dieter to those seeking more can have an enjoyable and enriching experience. Feel free to just input your foods and get started tracking, but DietBuddy also offers recipe entry and sharing, meal-planning, compliance at a glance, and analytics to name a few. Diet Compliance Tool & Tracker With these tools, you can judge not just how you are doing over time, but how you are doing in comparison to other dieters. That is where DietBuddy truly shines: its ability to bring people together.

"Datapunk DietBuddy has helped me to better focus my shopping and my plans for my meals. I stop and think before I eat. When making a choice between foods, I always choose the beneficial food. I refer to my SWAMI frequently. DietBuddy has increased my awareness greatly and after 69 days on the program I've noticed an increase in my energy and an improvement in my overall sense of well-being." - Vincie P.

Bring Your Friends!

It wouldn’t be DietBuddy without “buddies,” so naturally the social component of the program is one of its most positive attributes. I thought in this social-media-steeped age, it would be nice to allow people to connect with each other. The Buddies feature allows DietBuddy users to do just that, so they can monitor the progress of their friends, give encouragement, and generally just stay in touch throughout their journey to better health. This feature can be used in nearly endless ways. Whether you want to see the foods other Type Bs eat often, get advice from someone else following the plan, or track your compliance in relation to individuals similar to you, connecting with others through DietBuddy offers endless opportunities.

A Bright Future for the Program and You

Diet Compliance Tool & TrackerThe inaugural version of the program is available to use now and is already feature-rich and robust.  Although the program is very much live and powerful in its current state, I see future refinements, such as the ability to set very specific goals, like increasing the consumption of Omega-3 Oil or minimizing inflammatory lectins. Since beta testing, I have added the ability to input complex foods and will, between my other obligations, be polishing and adjusting the program with even more exciting features whenever possible.

I have started a private Facebook group that I'm a part of to support DietBuddy. The group is a great place to ask questions about the program, meet “buddies” to add within the program, and share your own experience with DietBuddy. And speaking of support, be sure to check out the FAQ tab within the program for user guides and a demo video. The Blood Type Diet community has always been strong and I am excited to see how well everyone bonds together and helps one another with DietBuddy.

DietBuddy is optimized for desktop, laptops, and tablets. While it can be adjusted to the small screen of a smart phone, I have focused more on tailoring DietBuddy’s usability for larger screens at this time.

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