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Diet Disruptor: How Eating for Your Blood Type Changes the Game

Jun 1st, 2023

Diets have become so embedded in our culture that the way we eat has become a tent-pole of our identity, our style and our personality.

We cling onto diet labels as if it says something about us…and let’s face it, it oftentimes does. Quiz yourself, what are the first few assumptions you make about someone when you learn they are a Vegan?

These diets have become brands, no different from the tags on our clothing. Most of them come with strict parameters of what’s allowed, and what’s off the table. Often, these diets are positioned as “lifestyles” after tacking on some merch, mindfulness and movement. While they all differ based on the end-goal (oftentimes weight loss), what binds them together is that they define the rules of engagement, not you.

How is The Blood Type Diet Different?

The Blood Type Diet disrupts diet culture by using your blood type to empower YOU to make choices about how you eat, exercise and manage stress. Blood type plays a role in our immune system, metabolism and digestive processes – when we live in alignment with our blood type’s strengths and weaknesses, we can reduce resistance and support our natural ability to heal.

Ways to Get Started

You’ll need to start by learning your blood type. If you don’t already know it, there’s a simple at-home test you can order through our website. Once you know your blood type – Type O, Type A, Type B or Type AB, you will be ready to get started!

Next steps…

Read Up: "Eat Right 4 Your Type" by Dr. Peter D’Adamo will arm you with the foundational knowledge behind the lifestyle. If you’re managing a condition from pregnancy to heart disease, check out the condition-specific library here to find the best edition for you.

Download the App: The Blood Type Diet App is a tool for managing your food lists on the go, as well as for creating a "Family Food List" for those managing a family on the program.

Get Cooking: Kick off your new diet with guided recipes tailored to your blood type. Our recipe book collection has you covered!

Shop for Supplements: These blood-type specific supplements are custom-made for your blood type and health goals.

The Blood Type Diet empowers its followers with a deeper understanding of their own bodies, and then encourages them to use their own intuition for creating a nourishing lifestyle. The best part? Since your blood type never changes, it’s a roadmap for the long game – the guidelines don’t change when your hormones swing or the scale tips, and you're in control.

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