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SWAMI Software

SWAMI XPress, created by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, puts the power of personalized nutrition in your hands. Our web-based software generates for you a completely customized nutritional program designed to optimize your overall health using important markers, such as blood type, secretor status and simple body measurements.

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Ultimate Personalization Pack

$2,809.8 $2,404.4

Looking to lose weight? Live a longer, healthier life? This pack includes everything you need to take control of your own wellness and lifestyle choices based on the factors that make you uniquely you. The ultimate in personalized nutrition starts with...

For 21st century wellness.

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SWAMI Xpress (clamshell)


With the myriad of diet and nutritional books available today, it's difficult to know which diet regimen is just right for you. Put the books back on the shelf and welcome to the digital age with SWAMI XP2. < Dr. Peter D’Adamo, author of the...

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