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Our blood-type-specific Daily Essentials Pack bundles four personalized supplements that contain the key nutrients you need. Just the boost you need to stay healthy, sharp and strong. Every day.

Your Daily Essentials Pack includes:

Deflect: unique lectin-blocking formula

Polyvite: specially formulated, high-quality multivitamin

Polyflora: prebiotic and probiotic blended to optimize gut health

Phytocal: multimineral based on rare calcium source for maximum absorption

Formulated by Dr. Peter D'Adamo • No Artificial Ingredients • GMP Certified

This product contains no sugar, salt, gluten, wheat, yeast, corn, soy, eggs or dairy, no preservatives, color or flavors, and no artificial ingredients.

Combined, our Daily Essentials support all of your basic health needs, while helping to fortify your compliance to The Blood Type Diet.

See what people are saying

Helped me with weight loss
I’ve been struggling to lose 40 lbs for quite a while, but in the last month after restarting on the blood type diet and adding Lectin blocker, I’ve managed to lose 7 lbs, even over the holidays!! It’s like my cravings for the bad Foods I used to love, has diminished. Thanks Dr. D’Adamo!

- Posted by Christy on Jan 19th, 2018

5-star rating

A true lifesaver!
I LOVE this product! This supplement has given me the ability to occasionally eat the foods that are not on my diet without feeling ill afterwards. It also helps mitigate constipation from eating the wrong foods and has really aided in my metabolism and weight loss. It is a must-have for anyone eating for their blood type!

- Posted by Debra on Jun 4th, 2016

5-star rating

Improved digestion immediately
This product has improved my quality of life significantly. After having severe digestive issues for nearly a decade with even the most bland foods, this product has enabled me to reincorporate several foods that allow me to feel somewhat normal again. Will use this product daily for the foreseeable future.

- Posted by Brooks on Jul 5th, 2018

5-star rating

Deflect Really Works
I notice that if I don’t take Deflect when I eat/drink “avoid” foods that I tend to gain weight fairly soon. This has helped me to maintain consistent weight, and I’ve never been able to do that.

- Posted by Deborah on Dec 3rd, 2014

5-star rating

Great product
I have been using Deflect B to aid in my weight loss. I have tried everything literally to lose weight. My metabolism was at a stand still. After a few months I started losing weight to my amazement. So, far I have lost almost 30lbs in eight months. Of course, I changed my diet, and started exercising. I follow the diet plan for b+ blood type.

- Posted by Jillian on Feb 11th, 2015

5-star rating

Super Heros
These have made my life so much better. These little superheros have helped when I accidentally had a bite of something I should not have....It has helped avoid painful symptoms...On occasion I have been on this plan for over 5 years with GREAT results...being an AB it isn't always easy to eat out ......when I cheat with something that doesn't have terrible after effects this keeps them away is my emergency rescue. Wish I had found these years ago.

- Posted by Anonymous on Jun 13th, 2015

5-star rating

Awesome supplement
Been searching for and effective supplement for so many years. This product is awesome. Truly compatible with my system-no stomach upset, no adverse effects whatsoever.

- Posted by Ella Healy on Nov 11th, 2014

5-star rating

Gentle, supportive energy
My body wants this supplement. It is very gentle and promotes good health throughout the digestive system. I find myself reaching for Live Cell A and MethylPlus (B12) twice a day. I carry it with me to work. A wonderful, supportive supplement. I feel more energy when I take it.

- Posted by Anonymous on Aug 7th, 2016

5-star rating

Supernutrients in a capsule!
Sometimes I cant get in all the beneficial fruits and veggies that I need on a daily basis and Live Cell helps to fill in those gaps in my diet.

- Posted by Ann, CT on Sep 5th, 2014

5-star rating

Great Product!!!!!
I feel my body reenergizing, and stronger.

- Posted by Anonymous on Jan 23rd, 2017

5-star rating

I love this product, the formula is wonderful. Thank you.

- Posted by GUY BURTON on Oct 30th, 2019

5-star rating

No Side Effect!
Back in the day my OB/GYN prescribed 50,000 mg of Calcium for me per day in one pill.. It made me feel sick and weird. I couldn’t take them over a week. I stopped taking them for over a year. I started on the Phytocal 3-6-2016. I take 1 capsule per daily with my other Blood Type O supplements. No issues with this product. I passed my physical with flying colors. Thanks Dr. D’Adamo.

- Posted by Renee Zander on Mar 30th, 2017

5-star rating

great product
I credit a lot of my muscular/pelvic pain relief and improvement with this unique product. Thank you!

- Posted by Paul on May 26th, 2015

5-star rating

I have taken phytocal for several years now. It surpasses any mineral supplement I have ever used. I am happy with my health, skin, hair and nails!

- Posted by Judy on Dec 15th, 2014

5-star rating

These products are a total Godsend! The quality and genius behind them, stands alone. I am so grateful. Thank you.

- Posted by GUY V BURTON on Aug 31st, 2018

5-star rating

I noticed a difference within 24 hours!
I have not slept this well in quite a while! Thank you for an exceptional product!

- Posted by Kerrie L. Crompton on Mar 6th, 2015

5-star rating

This is the best probiotic I’ve used. My body knows the difference between these and others I have tried in the past. Strongly recommend.

- Posted by Diane Roy on Jul 14th, 2019

5-star rating

My favorite
If I could only take one supplement , this would be it. This, along with the diet of course, has helped with constipation so much.

- Posted by Anonymous on Sep 7th, 2017

5-star rating

The Best
This is by far the best probiotic I’ve ever taken, it works like a dream. My 92 year old father is the same blood type that I am, so I had him try it and now he swears by it and takes it everyday!

- Posted by Randy Gold on Dec 23rd, 2016

5-star rating

Polyflora is the BEST!
We have been taking probiotics for a very long time. Polyflora seems to do the trick for us! It’s wonderful for type A blood. Try it! You won’t be sorry you did!

- Posted by Steve & Karen Williamson on Sep 9th, 2016

5-star rating

I have always had stomach problems. Always a large waist, constipation, bloating.

- Posted by Laura on Mar 29th, 2020

5-star rating

The best supplements, ever
I’ve taken nutritional supplements on and off all of my life. I have finally found the right ones for me. No more leg cramps, more energy, the probiotics are obviously boosting my immune system and regulating my elimination system. I do believe the deflect is also working well for me. Not one complaint ❤

- Posted by Andrea Weber on Feb 2nd, 2019

5-star rating

Daily Essentials O
Been using products for a short period and there has been good changes. The last blood test was the best in years and Doctor said, whatever the program... keep it up.

- Posted by Wayne on Sep 25th, 2015

5-star rating

The best I’ve felt in several years!
Within one week of taking this group of vitamins I began to feel like a renewed old self. I literally feel more motivated and with more energy than I’ve felt in the last three years - even my brain fog has disappeared. I feel as though my body is being brought back into balance. Thank you Dr. D’Adamo!

- Posted by Jennifer Peterson on Jul 10th, 2017

5-star rating

Worth Every Penny
I decided to splurge and try these for six months to see if I noticed any difference. Amazing difference! I feel calmer, no gastro problems, no more food cravings. So nice! Now, I can’t afford NOT to take them!

- Posted by Susan on May 14th, 2016

5-star rating

“Essentials” = spot on.
The ”Daily Essentials” for B - are exactly that. ESSENTIAL! Being a B AND non-secretor, I lean in to fatigue and mental fog when not balanced. I feel it when I don’t take my “Essentials”. For quality and purity - and addressing “individual” needs - this is the best.

- Posted by Desiree on May 29th, 2015

5-star rating

Love it!!!
I have been living the blood type lifestyle and can honestly say, I’ve never been more pleased with my health. Losing weight is a plus but knowing and feeling the difference in my body does something for me. I’ve been on the Polyvite and Phytocal for a month and along with eating my beneficials and neutrals, I already feel and see a dramatic change in my health and also physically. My body thanks me so I give the multivitamins and multiminerals two thumbs up!

- Posted by Laesha Deneas Lamb on Apr 26th, 2018

5-star rating

Outstanding multivitamin!
A superior nutrient efficiency for a good health.

- Posted by Lele on Feb 18th, 2017

5-star rating

Best for me
I choose a gluten free lifestyle which, in addition to blood type living, can make it a little challenging to find beneficial multivitamins. Polyvite is the best. I actually have confidence when I take this I won’t experience any gluten sensitivities, and I’m putting nutrients in that actually benefit me. Finally, I’m beginning to understand more about why certain nutrients work great for some and poorly for others. With Polyvite, I know I’m putting in what works the best for me. Thank you so much.

- Posted by KSatt on Jan 3rd, 2019

5-star rating

Love This Multivitamin
Ive been using this product for years and wouldnt go a day without it. I love that its personalized just for me and formulated with everything that I need.

- Posted by Anne Q, CT on Sep 5th, 2014

5-star rating

All Multis are not the Same
I’ve taken a different brand multi for years. Decided to try this and was astonished at the difference it made and i didn’t have to wait for months to notice a difference!

- Posted by Anonymous on Dec 10th, 2014

5-star rating

Proberry caps
I cannot take the flu shot so have relied on 2 caps twice a day during flu season. Last year my husband, having received the flu shot, still came down with the flu. Even sharing the same bed, I never got the flu! That’s evidence enough for me!

- Posted by Dot on Nov 3rd, 2019

5-star rating

Great stuff
I have been taking Proberry Caps 2/night for years. If I feel any symptoms of a cold, I start taking it twice a day. I have caught a mild cold maybe twice in 10 years. I don’t get flu shots either. Could just be good genes and frequent hand washing but I think proberry helps too.

- Posted by JMcBK on Feb 15th, 2019

5-star rating

love this product
I haven’t used Proberry for very long, i am half way through my first bottle. My eyes have become clearer and my skin is looking pretty good. I have started to get a sore throat and then it's gone. I take a teaspoon every day in a glass of water. I am going to order some more in case i so i always have a back up

- Posted by Gayle on Apr 24th, 2019

5-star rating

The BEST at starving off a cold
I have numerous clients who swear by this as the best defense against the cold and flu season. They all take one teaspoon a day - straight up off of the spoon and follow with a shot of water. If they feel a cold might be developing they take a second teaspoon before bed. Everyone has reported cold/flu free winters for 3 years now. A wise year round investment in your health.

- Posted by Heather on Feb 27th, 2015

5-star rating

My best immune support
I love this product and cannot be without. The taste is delicious and makes me feel safe so as all of the D’Adamo’s products.

- Posted by mariarosaria on Dec 10th, 2014

5-star rating

From a morning coffee person to Sip Right tea
I was always a morning coffee person. I had been having problems with my stomach so I decided to stop the coffee and switched to Sip Right 4 Your Type tea. I am so pleased with the difference it has made in my health. I had very little difficulty switching over.

- Posted by Kathleen on Apr 3rd, 2019

5-star rating

Fabulous flavor
Everything about this tea is perfect. Not being much of a hot beverage fan, I have a cup when I get a craving.

- Posted by Mary Jo Flicek on May 3rd, 2019

5-star rating

Wonderful Just the right blend for any time.
I have never been a tea drinker. I have always gone for the coffee. This tea has changed that. This is a wonderful tea first thing in the morning or as an afternoon snack. This is a great tea anytime!!!

- Posted by YAMiller on Mar 2nd, 2018

5-star rating

Not all Supplemental teas are created equal
I Love this tea! I start everyday with this tea because it eliminates the guess work and multiple boxes and bags of tea. I don't have to worry that I am ingesting something that will have an adverse affect on my system. Please if you are a tea drinker educate yourself on what teas are best for you and I guarantee this will save you money and peace of mind in the long run. Just because a tea tastes good doesn't mean it is good for you. This tea is great, efficient and affordable.

- Posted by Kelly M Dunk on Feb 17th, 2017

5-star rating

Great Flavor and Comforting
I love this Tea, it is fragrant, flavorful and comforting. A definite must have for me will keep coming back over and over for this one

- Posted by Nicole S. on Nov 3rd, 2015

5-star rating

This pack up of products is a great jump start to losing weight. I use this every time I hit a plateau in my weight loss. I was skeptical when I first purchased this pack up, but it really works. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is stuck in their weight loss journey.

- Posted by Trina McKee on Nov 10th, 2019

5-star rating

Weight loss
I noticed increased energy, even wanting to walk more. Even with a back injury, I have more energy. Eldorado has Gautama in it so I take it once a day. I will order it again.

- Posted by Wendy Krause on Apr 18th, 2020

4-star rating

Noticed a slight increase in energy
I read with interest Dr. D'Adamo's description of what each component in the pack does. I was especially impressed with the effects on energy from El Dorado. It’s hard to tell exactly what product is doing what; however, before the devastating pollen season hit Houston in March, I noticed that I had enough energy to do about 25% more sit-ups than I had been doing before. I attribute that to El Dorado.

- Posted by T. Dan Tolleson on Apr 4th, 2019

5-star rating

Great combination
I really like this combination of tea and the Proberry three drink. I enjoy water, but sometimes you want something different and these are delightful. I’ve also added to my morning shake harmonia deluxe and at a 6 and I feel good all day. I recommend this package combo.

- Posted by Nedda on Jul 16th, 2016

5-star rating

These taste great!
I thought I would have to suffer bad flavor trying this diet. Wrong! The tea is the best I’ve had ever, the Larch powder is refreshing, and I’m trying to dream up recipes for the Proberry, it’s so good. Haven’t tried the Harmonia yet ...

- Posted by Marjorie on Aug 1st, 2015

5-star rating

Excellent Pack B
OMG! Really, in a week I felt I have more energy and my metabolism works very well. My mind is so clear. More calm. More focus. Excellent product! Love it. I’m B+ non secretor.

- Posted by jasmine on Jun 18th, 2017

5-star rating

Perfect for everyday!
I was pleased to notice the first day after receiving this that the tea helped with my water retention on my ankles that I get by the end of the day! Also noticed even more regular with the greens and fiber (if that could be so added bonus! Had been taking elderberry tincture as needed for allergies or cold congestion so now with proberry just mix it with the greens and fiber and drink right down daily ! No allergy pills or congestion! This keeps me feeling GREAT!!! So much so I did not want to miss a day so took it along on my cruise and added to my water at breakfast as well as made the tea! Easy to mix and drink! I even make the tea into ice tea on hot days! Taste yummy and my body reacts so positive to these products! I purchased this to try as on sale and mainly for the greens and proberry! Was very pleased with all products and will continue to reorder! Thank you for such a complete offering ! Great package! :)

- Posted by Joell Martha on Oct 7th, 2016

5-star rating

Amazing product.
I’m more focus and calm. No foggienes any more. Amazing product.

- Posted by jas on Aug 19th, 2019

5-star rating

Daily Essentials (Blood Type O)

$163.80 $129.95

Synergistic combination of four best-selling formulas designed to boost everyday health in Type Os. The Daily Essentials Pack includes: Polyvite® O - Professional strength multivitamin especially designed by Dr. Peter D'Adamo to deliver...

Synergistic combination of four best-selling formulas designed to boost everyday health in Type Os.

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Daily Essentials (Blood Type A)

Synergistic combination of four best-selling formulas designed to boost everyday health in Type As. The Daily Essentials Pack includes: Polyvite® A - Professional strength multivitamin especially designed by Dr. Peter D'Adamo to deliver...

Synergistic combination of four best-selling formulas designed to boost everyday health in Type As.

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Daily Essentials (Blood Type B)

$163.80 $129.95

  Synergistic combination of four best-selling formulas designed to boost everyday health in Blood Type Bs. The Daily Essentials Pack includes: Polyvite® B - Professional strength personalized multivitamin especially designed by...

Synergistic combination of four best-selling formulas designed to boost everyday health in Type Bs.

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Daily Essentials (Blood Type AB)

$163.80 $129.95

Synergistic combination of four best-selling formulas designed to boost everyday health in Type ABs. The Daily Essentials Pack includes: Polyvite® AB - Professional strength multivitamin especially designed by Dr. Peter D'Adamo to deliver...

Synergistic combination of four best-selling formulas designed to boost everyday health in Type ABs.

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