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Blood Type Awareness

World Blood Type Awareness
& Blood Donor Day

Blood Type Awareness Day

Mark Your Calendars!

Thursday, June 14, is National Blood Type
Awareness and Blood Donor Day. 

Blood Type Awareness DayYour blood type is the key to optimal health and vitality. Please join us as we raise awareness about the role blood type plays in health and nutrition. We're taking action:

  • Encouraging individuals to donate blood. It's an act of kindness and support for someone who might need it. Find out more here.
  • If making a blood donation doesn't work for you, we offer an easy to use home blood typing kit so that you can find out your blood type.


What would you say if I told you that
the secret to healthy, vigorous, and disease-free living
might be as simple as knowing your blood type...
- Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo
Eat Right For Your Type

Learn more about your blood type:

  • Follow us on Facebook, where there'll be daily information about Blood Type, helpful tips and tools.
  • Check out our blog with Blood Type Specific content, making your life easier as you follow a personalized lifestyle.

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