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The things that make you different are the things that make you who you are.
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Over twenty years ago, and following over a decade of ongoing research and clinical work, I created the Blood Type Diets, a way of eating and living that has transformed the health of millions. With more than 7 million copies in print in over 50 languages, Eat Right For Your Type celebrates its 18th year as an unprecedented non-stop bestseller in hardcover. Eat Right For Your Type has won praise from leaders in nutritional and genetic science, as well as popular celebrities, including Dr. Mehmet Oz, Jennifer Lopez, Cheryl Tiegs, Hugh Grant, Elizabeth Hurley and Ellen DeGeneres. It is used daily in the medical practices of countless doctors that I've trained in its science. Millions of followers confirm the reason for its success: It works.

Getting started is simple and inexpensive. With just a drop of blood our home blood typing kit will help you determine your blood type in seconds. Once you've begun the diet, you can explore the possibilities of using our revolutionary nutritional supplements that targeted to you blood type. You're an individual. So what are you using the same nutritional supplements as everyone else?

Welcome to the first science that understands you as a biochemical individual.