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Newsletter: Volume 10, Number 11 - November 2013

Ask Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo

Peter J. D'Adamo, ND

Q: I've been reading a lot about probiotics lately. I noticed that you have four different probiotics - why? Do I need to take a probiotic every day? What are the benefits of taking your supplements as opposed to another probiotic - or just eating yogurt?

A: The term "probiotic" means "in favor of life". It was coined in 1910, by a Russian physician named Metchnikoff, who promoted a theory of longevity that associated prolonged life and improved health with decreased gastrointestinal toxicity. He suggested that the aging process could be slowed with fermented foods that contain friendly bacteria.

At the time, blood type wasn't understood, however, further research has found that your blood type antigens are actually prominent in your digestive tract and, in about 80% of individuals (secretors), are also prominent in the mucus that lines your digestive tract. Because of this, many of the bacteria in your digestive tract actually use your blood type as a preferred food supply. In fact, blood group specificity is common among intestinal bacteria with almost ½ of strains tested showing some blood type A, B, or O specificity.

To give you an idea of the magnitude of the blood type influence on intestinal micro flora, it has been estimated that someone with blood type B will have up to 50,000 times more of some strains of friendly bacteria than either blood type A or O individuals.

Second, some strains of beneficial bacteria actually can have lectin-like hemagglutinin activity directed against your blood type, so avoiding those is a good idea. Polyflora Blood Type Specific Probiotics (O | A | B | AB) also blend "prebiotics" (foods which provide special growth factors for probiotic bacteria) that are right for each type.

Yes, I recommend that you take probiotics daily. Even using strains of friendly bacteria that have a great ability to survive digestion and colonize your digestive tract, there is a tendency for a gradual decline in the quantity of these bacteria over time. This decline is substantially worsened with stress, poor dietary choices, antibiotics and other drugs. In today's world, with all of its modern pressures, the ability to maintain an optimal intestinal microbial balance is almost always taxed. It has also actually been estimated that we consume 1 million times LESS healthy bacteria in our diet today than our ancient ancestors consumed.

Regular use of probiotics has shown to restore intestinal balance, which results in prevention of the adherence of unwanted microorganisms, the production of a wide array of antibacterial and antifungal compounds, and improved resistance against bacteria like E.coli, Salmonella, and H. pylori.

Enforced Simplicity

Martha D'Adamo

Martha D'Adamo

I had surgery on my right foot on October 18, and I have not been able to walk without crutches or assistance as I recuperate. I have to confess that I have never had any surgeries, never have been in the hospital, or never broken a bone (except toes as a kid because I didn't like to wear shoes in the summer). So all of this is a new experience for me. I am so deeply appreciative of the support I've received during this time, with the loudest applause going to Peter. Among all of his numerous talents, he shines as a caregiver, which I know is not an easy job. He has been there every step (literally!) of the way and has made my recuperation so much easier. Each day I am reminded of what a special person he is.

Rather than being freaked out about not walking or driving during this time, I looked at this as an opportunity to leave my every day hectic lifestyle, so I could reflect and take stock of my life. Unencumbered from day to day activities, I have used this time as a retreat to help my foot heal and to listen to my soul and psyche, which often times, I cannot hear due to the everyday busyness of my life.

This experience has allowed me to assess what is essential versus what is elective, meaning that I have been able to see what is really important and what I make important that really is quite inconsequential. (Boy, there are a lot of mountains out of molehills in my life!) I want to make sure I not only stay aware of this but that I build upon this as well. Life lessons are not static; they are always there for us to build upon if we chose.

I never expected that my foot surgery would provide me with such a profound life lesson, and I plan to go into November and December and the holiday season with a newfound sense of simplicity and being grounded in the world, as well as a deep appreciation for the little things in life that I take for granted. This is especially well-timed, as the holiday season brings a heightened level of activity and "doing-ness," that makes life very full and yet crowds out the essential inner dialog that I want to engage in.

One of these lessons is appreciation - not just feeling it but acknowledging it as well in all areas of my life. I am so appreciative of the opportunity that my work at DPN provides, for self expression, for right livelihood, for our dedicated staff, for the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives, and for the wonderful group of individuals who are our customers and supporters. We've shared a deeply personal journey together, and it continues to grow as we deepen the work we are doing with the importance of personalized nutrition and living. As a token of our appreciation and as a way of saying thanks, we are offering 15% off all of our supplements during the month of November. Choose whatever supplements you like, and this will apply... we've also put together a list of staff favorites, which I have loved reading. It is always so interesting to know what other people like.

My personal favorites are:

The newly released Genoma Anti-AGE Serum. I've been using the test product for the last two months, and it is fabulous. It is like an extra layer of moisture protection. I use it in the morning, and then around 3, when I feel somewhat dry... I apply it on top of my makeup (if I have any on that day, and it is an immediate re-hydrator!

Hytrax, one of the first products we ever produced, is made from dandelion and is a mild diuretic.

Scienca. My new best friend as I recover from surgery, as it acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Deflect O. Secret weapon when pesky avoids sneak into the diet... I take a Deflect every day as added protection. Get Deflect for your blood type: O | A | B | AB

There's so many more. Just like a mother who doesn't have a favorite child, all of our products are brilliantly formulated and are tremendously effective. You can see them all on our new website, which is designed to make your shopping experience easier and to provide more information about our products and the work that we do. There are lots of new videos and audio interviews to check out which you can access by clicking on "Learn More" in the Menu bar on the main page. They contain a huge amount of information and support.

Wishing you all a wonderful month of November!

With gratitude and thanks,


Staff Picks - The DPN Products We Can't Live Without

D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition wouldn't be the same without our staff.  DPN employs some of the most talented and caring people around.  In addition to possessing a wealth of knowledge about Personalized Nutrition, they are also experts on Dr. Peter D'Adamo's supplements.  And they're not just employees - they're customers too!  We asked some of our staff which products they just couldn't live without... and here's what they said!

Javier/Financial Controller: "Energy boosting Methyl 12 Plus is always there when I need it and it delivers on its promise. I have a busy schedule and many responsibilities that require me to be on top of my game. I also have a one year old who finds it amusing to serenade us during the night. Methyl 12 Plus helps me to go through my day as easy and cheerfully as if I had eight hours of continuous sleep. I am not shy when it comes to taking the supplements. I have come to treat it as coffee.  Some days I take the recommended dosage. I think of it as your typical American coffee.  There are days that I need the equivalent of French press coffee so I step it up a notch. Sometimes, I need a jolt of espresso and I take even more. The benefit is that it works as quickly as an espresso lungo without the discomfort of the caffeine or the sugar spikes from so called 'energy' drinks."

Ann/Marketing:  "Proberry Liquid is my go-to product for protection during cold and flu season!  Every morning, my family takes a spoonful of the "purple stuff" before heading out to work and school - and if my son comes home from school complaining of a scratchy throat, I immediately triple his dose. The liquid is soothing, provides virus protection, and boosts immunity.  I can honestly say that he hasn't had as much as a cold in years! My husband commutes to work on a crowded train and being in close, closed quarters with a bunch of coughing and sneezing strangers is a breeding ground for germs - since he started taking Proberry Liquid every day, he's significantly reduced the frequency and severity of his own colds and sinus infections."

Gwen/Customer Service:  "Cortiguard is an essential for me, especially at night. Being a typical A who doesn't sleep well, I find that it helps me to relax and calmly drift off to sleep.  Even when I wake at 2 or 3am and can't fall back to sleep, I take Cortiguard and it definitely helps me fall back to sleep and get a great night's rest."

Nancy/Customer Service: "All my customers know first and foremost it's my type B Polyvite multivitamin.  I never go a day without my Polyvite.  Just knowing that Dr. D'Adamo put all of my personally recommended vitamins together with my daily herbal complex in one supplement is simply divine.  Did you know... that he also puts your stress relieving herb into the formula? Genius. I call it my happy pill!" Get Polyvite for your blood type: O | A | B | AB

Lynn/Customer Service: "Deflect is my favorite product because it is cleaning my system of the lectins in the foods that are not my blood type A.  I have had problems with digestion and a low immune system since I was a kid, but since starting the Blood Type Diet 7 ½ years ago that has changed.  Deflect was the first product that I tried and immediately noticed my stomach didn't bloat or hurt after eating and I wasn't getting sick as often.  I also noticed I was losing weight by changing my diet and using Deflect.  I took Deflect 2-3 times a day when I started and now I only use Deflect when I am out.  Deflect is a product that I don't leave home without." Get Deflect for your blood type: O | A | B | AB

Bob/Production Manager: "My favorite is Mr. Itaru's Green Tea. I truly enjoy this tea and find it very helpful for my get-up-and go routine. The toasted brown rice adds a nice aroma and taste. I'll have a few large cups almost every day. There is no other green tea like, or as good as this. Just don't use boiling water (let it cool slightly) and avoid over-brewing (no more than one minute). Very special."

Your Holiday Survival Kit

Holiday Survival Kit

You've been eating right for your type and you're feeling great! You've lost weight, you have more energy, and even your skin has cleared up!  Nevertheless, here come the holidays.  Historically, that has meant overindulging in calorie laden appetizers and tempting desserts.  This time it can be different.  By consciously changing your holiday eating patterns and exercise routines - the same way that you've made changes to your everyday diet - you can avoid holiday weight gain.  Below are our foolproof tips for staying trim during the most wonderful time of the year!

  1. Squeeze in one additional workout per week during the holiday season, or add an additional 15 minutes per day to your current workout schedule.  By doing so, you can burn up to 500 additional calories per week, which leaves a little "wiggle room" when it comes to having a slice of Aunt Suzie's pumpkin pie.
  2. Researchers found that when calorie counts were posted at restaurants, patrons tended to choose the lower calorie foods.  Simply being aware of approximately how many calories you're consuming helps you to make better choices.  Keep in mind the following: a 3.5 oz portion of roast turkey breast without the skin is approximately 115 calories - the same portion of dark meat with the skin is 221 calories - nearly double! Choose steamed or roasted vegetables and other simply prepared side dishes instead of cheesy casseroles or creamed sides.
  3. Skip the whip!  A serving of whipped cream adds another 50-100 calories to desserts and it is an avoid for most D'Adamo Personalized Diets.
  4. BYO.  Bring your own; help your host by bringing along an appetizer or side dish that's right for your type (or better yet, right for all types!).  You'll feel confident that there's something that you can enjoy without worry and your host will appreciate the help!  Our Eat Right for Your Type Personalized Cookbooks have some great recipes!
  5. Deflect!  If you know you're going to be eating avoid foods, bring along a few right for your type Deflect capsules to take before and after your meals.  Deflect helps to prevent any lectin damage from avoid foods.
  6. Don't starve yourself in preparation for "the big meal."  Eat breakfast as you normally would so you aren't ravenous when you arrive. 
  7. Avoid emotional clashes with family members.  Sometimes this is easier said than done! Keep a positive attitude, enjoy the holiday, and be mindful of all the things you have to be grateful for.


Introductory offer - save 20%

Genoma Anti-AGE SerumA breakthrough in anti-aging skincare


Genoma Anti-AGE Serum
A breakthrough in anti-aging skincare

.5 Fluid Oz. Pump Bottle

There was a time when your skin was smoother, firmer, and more even-tone - while we can't turn back the clock, Genoma Anti-AGE Serum can help to reverse the effects of aging to bring you firmer and more supple skin.

Crafted from organic Trehalose and natural botanical extracts, Genoma Anti-AGE Serum does double duty - it provides superior hydration to skin cells, while reversing glycation damage from sun exposure, virtually erasing dark spots. Particularly suited to dry and sensitive skin, this light, refreshing serum will leave your skin looking firmer, brighter, and more luminous.

A breakthrough formula, Anti-AGE Serum contains Trehalose and other wild-crafted botanicals. Trehalose possesses an unparalleled ability to retain water which can help strengthen a parched and weakened skin barrier, resulting in a plumping and firming effect on your skin. As an antioxidant, Trehalose protects skin from damage caused by environmental exposure, such as pollution, and dry, cold, or hot climates. Ascophyllum nodosum extract reverses UV damage and erases the appearance of brown spots. Organic rice seed acts as a natural humectant, and lavender flower water provides a cooling and balancing effect on the skin.

Only the finest wild-crafted herbs and botanicals are used in our products, and there are no mineral oils, parabens, paraffin, or petroleum, which can be disruptive to hormonal activity. Our products are never tested on animals.

Directions: Massage into skin after cleansing with Genoma Rejuvenating Cleanser and using Genoma AGE-Inhibiting Toner, paying special attention to areas vulnerable to sun exposure and dehydration. Follow with Genoma Day Light Face Crème. Apply throughout the day to refresh skin, if desired.


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Easy Savory Almond and Flax Rolls

Right for all Types

Recipe: Easy Savory Almond and Flax Rolls


Warm, fresh-from-the-oven rolls are always a favorite on my Thanksgiving table! Made in a muffin top pan, these gluten-free buns are right for all types - make sure you save some for turkey sandwiches!

1 ½ cups of almond flour
1 cup ground flax
3 eggs
1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
½ teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon sea salt
¼ cup water (as needed)

Preheat oven to 350F. Lightly oil muffin top pan Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl, In another bowl, combine wet ingredients. Add wet ingredients to dry and mix thoroughly - let batter sit for 2 minutes, flax will begin to thicken - if batter seems too thick, add a few more tablespoons of water one by one until desired consistency is reached. Spoon into prepared muffin top pan (each should be about ¾ full).

Bake at 250 for 20 minutes, or until toothpick inserted comes out clean. Cool on rack for a few minutes before serving!

Recipe makes about 8 rolls.

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