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Newsletter: Volume 10, Number 10 - October 2013
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On Being Prepared
Martha D'Adamo

Martha D'Adamo

Preparation has many levels—logistics, mental, emotional...and cellular. The logistical stems from being organized and making sure you have the right tools for whatever it is you are preparing for.

Preparation is greatly undervalued. I have been thinking a lot about this, as I prepared recently for our trip to London for the inaugural IFHI EU Conference hosted by Drs. Tom and Jacqueline Greenfield. Not only were we planning a trip, it was a trip overseas, and we had our personal preparation as well as all the business items and a lecture to produce by Peter (it was terrific!). You can listen to the lecture in two parts by clicking the links below. It was a fantastic event, and we met some wonderful people who are carrying on the work of personalized nutrition and generative medicine in their local communities.

IfHI UK 2013 Lecture by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo (part one)

IfHI UK 2013 Lecture by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo (part two)

Preparation has many levels—logistics, mental, emotional...and cellular. The logistical stems from being organized and making sure you have the right tools for whatever it is you are preparing for. List making is a great tool to employ for this one! Mental preparation can be more challenging, as we have to get in the right frame of mind or clear our minds so that we can be present to what we are doing. Emotional preparation is making sure we are grounded and balanced and that there are no hidden issues that could come up and surprise us. I find that valuing quiet time and "not-doing" is extremely important in emotionally preparation as it allows me to settle into myself so I can tackle whatever it is that I am preparing for, whether it is a trip, a project, an interaction with another person or a life event.

This leaves cellular preparation, and I believe the product launch of Membrosia products brings the concept of cellular preparation to a whole new level. Our cells are tiny universes within us, and keeping the cell membrane supple and able to allow in what the cell needs and keep out what it doesn't is essential in promoting healthy aging, good health and longevity, and mental clarity. If you think of it in very simplistic terms, you wouldn't wear a heavy overcoat in summer, just as you would wear a rain slicker in a downpour, right? So why wouldn't we want to build the essential protective coating for our cells as well?

Membrosia Complex and Membrosia Fluidizer are breakthrough products in the area of cellular health, and we are excited to launch them this month.

Another great tool for preparation are the Eat Right 4 Your Type Cookbooks, which have just been published in softcover. Each blood type has its own book, which contains over 150 delicious recipes and gorgeous four color photos of the foods. Peter worked very closely with Chef Kristin O'Connor, who took the science of the Blood Type Diet and created these wonderful, savory dishes. Each book contains helpful tips, meal planning, food shopping guidelines and how to get started, and they are essential guidebooks for living a nutritionally individualized life!

We are also going to be launching our long-in-development new website, which is chock full of good information, easy-to-navigate pages, and a beautiful new look. Stay tuned...

I hope you are prepared for October!



Cell Health is System Health
Peter J. D'Adamo, ND

Black cumin has been used medicinally since antiquity and with walnut oil, has positive effects on controlling allergies and enhancing detoxification in the nervous system. Perilla seed oil is rich in the ingredient rosmarinic acid, which has been shown to help properly regulate immune function.

One of the more useful tools in clinical medicine is the Bioimpedance Analyzer (BIA), a safe and non-invasive diagnostic tool we use on virtually every patient at the Center of Excellence. Looking suspiciously like an electrocardiogram machine, with wires coming out everywhere, the BIA unit is designed to read the electrical resistance that exists between the various tissues and compartment of the body. Using formulas derived from electrical engineering, and which I have little or no understanding of, a BIA machine can provide a physician with an abundance of insight into the specific workings of a patient. For example, the BIA can determine just how much of you is comprised of 'active tissue mass,' (organs and muscle) that can burn calories, versus metabolically inert stuff (like water and fat).

Bioimpedance can also very accurately measure the amount of water in your body and the percentage of water that is inside the cell (intracellular) versus outside (extracellular). In a state of optimum health we like to see about 60% of the body's water as intracellular. Having too much extracellular water is usually a sign of aging, low fitness and/or disease. That is because each cell in our body is a small powerhouse, and high levels of water just make things work better: RNA flies from the nucleus to the cell body faster, excess heat is released more efficiently and amino acids, proteins, hormones and other cell products arrive on time and in better shape.

A key value in the BIA readout is the 'phase angle,' a single value that varies from 4.5 to 9.0 among different individuals. A lower value phase angle is consistent with an inability of cells to store energy and an indication of breakdown in the ability of the cell to control the permeability of its outer membranes. A high phase angle is consistent with large quantities of intact cell membranes and effective control of what goes in and out of the cell. As with water compartmentalization, a low phase angle equates to accelerated aging, inflammation, poor water balance, and excessive weight.

Cell membranes are composed of fats, proteins, a dash of carbohydrates (like your blood type) and something called phospholipid. Phospholipids allow fats and water, normally not too fond of each other, to interact a bit. Many phospholipids (such as lecithin) are good emulsifiers that allow fats to 'mix' with water by making their droplets small enough to enable them to swim through the water. This property of phospholipids allows the cell to make a bi-lipid membrane on its exterior—a sandwich of phospholipids with the 'head' of the molecule facing outward in both directions and the 'tails' facing inward. The bi-lipid membrane allows proteins and other things complex to swim around the outside of the cell in a more graceful, fluid manner. Young kids and healthy adults have nice, juicy cell membranes with molecules and receptors moving this way and that. As we age, or when we are sick, the bi-lipid membrane becomes thinner and much less fluid. This interferes with the ability to keep water in the cell and compromises the cell's ability to respond to hormones and other influences from the outside world.

Not surprisingly, a considerable number of patients at the COE have low phase angle numbers. When we do discover this, virtually all are prescribed 'The Drink.' Humorously described by some on the Forums as 'D'Adamo's Inferno,' I've preferred the more lyrical name 'Membrosia.' I first wrote about this drink in Eat Right For Your Type. The concept behind it is rather simple: Put back the needed phospholipid nutrients in their proper amounts. This turns out to be rather simple. Start with certain amount of the nutrient lecithin, blend it with a certain amount of oil, and then add 4-6 ounces of juice. Take first thing in the morning.

Over time I evolved the formula to also feature trehalose, a fascinating molecule that increases the elimination of assorted cellular junk, and uridine, a nucleotide (building block) of the RNA molecule. Trehalose seems to speed up the response, while uridine appears to enhance the overall results. Over time we've also played around with customizing the oil part of the formula. I eventually settled on a combination of black cumin, perilla seed and walnut oil. Black cumin has been used medicinally since antiquity and with walnut oil, has positive effects on controlling allergies and enhancing detoxification in the nervous system. Perilla seed oil is rich in the ingredient rosmarinic acid, which has been shown to help properly regulate immune function.

Now after almost two years of research and development, I can finally look forward to using a properly designed dual formula (Membrosia Complex and Membrosia Fluidizer) comprised of premium ingredients in the exact proportions needed to increase cell membrane health. Plus, the new system alleviates the need to purchase all the ingredients separately and have to mix and match them on the kitchen counter.

We almost always see improvement in phase angle and water balance when patients consistently do 'The Drink'. Better cell membrane health means a more efficient metabolism, a better response to and control of our hormones, and better nerve signaling. Almost all patients report greater energy, less signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging skin, a general sense of happiness and well-being, and increased energy. Most want to keep doing it even when we have achieved our clinical goals with regard to their BIA readings.

Please Note: Lecithin, which is most often derived from soy, can be an avoid food for some blood types. We've looked at this extensively and fear not. The purification of lecithin from soy is so complete and absolute that it is virtually impossible to detect as much as even a single molecule of soy DNA in the finished product.

5 Steps to Cellular Health
Ann Quasarano

When the cell wall is pliable and nutrients can get inside to do their job, the mitochondria inside the cell is nourished, leading to a higher metabolic rate (which means that your body burns calories more effectively and doesn't store them as fat!), increased energy, mental clarity, and better overall health!

Your body is made up of trillions of cells—yes, trillions—brain cells, skin cells, blood cells...Essentially, you are just a big pile of cells stacked up on top of each other. Since these cells are the basic building blocks of YOU, keeping them functioning at peak levels is paramount to good health.

When your cells are not able to function properly, your entire mechanism breaks down and this leads to disease, obesity, and fatigue. Proper functioning of cells starts with a soft cell membrane. The hormone insulin acts like a key to open the cell membrane to allow nutrients from food to be absorbed. When the cell membrane is soft, it opens easily, allowing nutrients to flow inside and nourish the cell. But when the cell membrane becomes hard and brittle due to aging, improper nutrition, or disease, the insulin cannot "unlock" the door and nutrients cannot be absorbed by the cell. Even though you are feeding your stomach, your cells are starving! This can have all sorts of consequences, Type 2 diabetes (also known as insulin resistance), fatigue, brain fog, illness...the list goes on and on.

When the cell wall is pliable and nutrients can get inside to do their job, the mitochondria inside the cell is nourished—leading to a higher metabolic rate (which means that your body burns calories more effectively and doesn't store them as fat!), increased energy, mental clarity, and better overall health!

Are you ready to boost your metabolism, better nourish your cells, burn calories, and ward off disease?

Below are a few steps to achieving better cellular health:
  1. Eat Right for Your Type
    First and foremost is proper nutrition. Eat the right proteins, vegetables, fruits, and fats for your individual blood type or GenoType.

  2. Stay Hydrated
    Drink plenty of water! Soft drinks and other sugary beverages do not hydrate cells—avoid them.

  3. Exercise
    Exercise encourages cellular metabolism. Even if you are simply walking, get out and move!

  4. Feed Your Mitochondria
    Beneficial fats and supplements, like Dr. D'Adamo's newest product Membrosia and its companion oil, Membrosia Fluidizer, are specifically formulated to enhance the pliability of the cell membrane.

Guests Celebrate Launch of Blood Type Cookbooks

The four books, created by New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo and celebrity chef, Kristin O'Connor, are the ultimate kitchen companion.

More than 100 guests packed the Outback Teen Center in New Canaan on the evening of September 26, to celebrate the launch of the Blood Type Diet cookbooks, Eat Right 4 Your Type Personalized Cookbooks, a series of healthy lifestyle cookbooks aimed at people who are interested in maximizing both health and flavor. The four books, created by New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo and celebrity chef, Kristin O'Connor, are the ultimate kitchen companion and contain more than 150 contemporary recipes, pantry stocking tips, shopping lists, and menu planning options.

At the party, guests were treated to hors d'oeuvres derived from recipes in the books and prepared by local caterer, Bertrand L'Herbette of Fabulous Feasts in New Canaan. The event was hosted by D'Adamo's Wilton-based nutritional supplement company, D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition, and Julie Pryor of Pryority Wellness Center in New Canaan. The books were provided by Elm Street Books, also in New Canaan.

After being introduced by Julie Pryor, D'Adamo briefly spoke about the evolution of his blood type concept from a simple idea to a global phenomenon. Light years ahead of its time, D'Adamo had been a proponent of grass-fed beef, alternative grains, and organic produce well before they became mainstream. D'Adamo said, "These unique personalized cookbooks amplify a very simple message that I have worked to educate the public about over these last three decades: That eating intelligently can be simple, inexpensive, tasty and fun!"

O'Connor, who also attended the event, was lauded by D'Adamo for her innovative approach to recipe development and for "making this much more than just a another cookbook," with her guides to implementing D'Adamo's blood type approach in the kitchen.

The four Blood Type Diet cookbooks, Type O, Type A, Type B, and Type AB, are currently available at Elm Street Books, on Amazon, and through D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition in Wilton.

Now Available—Eat Right 4 Your Type Personalized Cookbooks in Softcover

The Eat Right for Your Type Personalized Cookbooks are now available in softcover!
Delicious...healthy...nutritious...right for you!

These cookbooks are a great value at only $10.80 each through October 31, 2013 (Retail Price $18.00 USD). Order now!

"I am really enjoying the recipes...they also encourage me to cook differently, and to use my beneficial foods in a variety of ways." - Mariarosaria (Blood Type O)
Sample a recipe from the Eat Right for Your Type Personalized Cookbooks below.

IfHI UK Conference 2013 Recap

On September 14 and 15, Dr. Peter D'Adamo, ND was a special guest keynote speaker at the IfHI UK Conference and Iauguaral Launch of the International College of Generative Medicine.

On September 14 and 15, Dr. Peter D'Adamo was special guest and keynote speaker at the IfHI UK Conference and Inaugural Launch of the International College of Generative Medicine. It was the first time Dr. D'Adamo had spoken at an IfHI Conference outside the United States, and he drew an international crowd of delegates from Eire, Northern Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Chile, and the US.

The conference started on the Saturday at Greenfields Clinic, Canterbury, with a special workshop for the fifteen people taking the IfHI Fellow or Master certification training. Taught by Tom and Jacqueline Greenfield, delegates were shown a live demonstration of a SWAMI Pro GenoType assessment with a volunteer patient from Greenfields Clinic. Real-time observation of the interviewing, taking measurements, data input, and assessment process data from a real patient generated relevant questions and interaction among the group.

Students then practiced their skills of ABO typing and taking blood samples for Lewis blood tests, and worked on each other in pairs using the D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition GenoTyping Kit. Lewis test samples were later tested in Greenfields laboratory, and secretor status results were mailed out to the students.

A webinar each for IfHI Master and Fellow students the week prior to the conference had helped them to assimilate the information in their study guides, and the test papers were issued at the conference. Students submitted a high standard of work with their multiple choice papers and essay questions, which were sent to IfHI Head Office in the US for grading.

On the Sunday, 26 delegates including existing IfHI Fellows and Masters met in The Veg Box Café, Canterbury, for the main conference. Included in their delegate packs was an electronic version of Generative Medicine Volume I: Systems, Concepts and Pathways, on a USB flash drive, a generous gift from Dr. D'Adamo of his 800-page textbook used as the reference guide for the didactic education modules of the new Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine Studies at the University of Bridgeport. The textbook also contains all the research used as the basis for Dr. D'Adamo's popular book The GenoType Diet: Change your Genetic Destiny.

Dr. Jacqueline Greenfield NMD Lic Ac. MIfHI opened the event on Sunday with a presentation introducing the future structure of IfHI. She revealed to delegates that this conference marked the beginning of the transition from IfHI to the International College of Generative Medicine (ICGM). A new curriculum would allow for the creation of a trainer or coach of personalised nutrition concepts to assist members of the public wanting to include aspects of personalised nutrition in their lives, and to help them set and reach personal goals to maintain their wellbeing. In addition, delegates saw that their training platform, enabling them to teach and help the public, will be enhanced. Dr. Greenfield assured existing and new IfHI Fellow and Master certificate holders that they would be eligible for a fast track into training for the new title.

A new tiered structure of membership was introduced for the ICGM, with criteria for entry and allowing practitioners to be able to study and certify at the same level of education as naturopathic physicians in the US. There was an open discussion about the future of IfHI, and delegates became inspired by the high standards of education at the ICGM, which would in turn improve the value of their certification. At future ICGM conferences lay people will be able to audit the events to enhance their continuing education in addition to practitioners who are certifying. Naturopathic physicians outside the US will be assisted in a path to achieving ICGM certification, which will help to raise the standards of naturopathic medicine worldwide.

Dr. Jacqueline Greenfield explained to delegates that their attendance of the IfHI Conference entitles them to one year's membership of IfHI. A renewal membership fee will be required for previous IfHI members, whose membership lapsed, in order to participate in the transition to the ICGM or the personalised nutrition certification. All members will be required to complete ICGM approved continuing education credits to maintain membership and/or certification. These CEUs will be identified soon.

Dr. Tom Greenfield ND DO MIfHI then presented on "The science behind the GenoType Diet biometrics." Combining knowledge of genetic linkage from the blood groups with the epigenetic factors associated with biometric measurements, the SWAMI GenoType software gives both practitioners and lay people a chance to further refine their dietary and lifestyle approach to maintaining and improving their health. New research, such as a 2013 study into D2:D4 ratio showing those with longer fourth fingers and therefore higher testosterone levels are less likely to trust others, further strengthens the concept of genetic archetypes proposed by Dr. D'Adamo in his book The GenoType Diet: Change your Genetic Destiny. Other new research published last year confirms the association with environmental stress on the pregnant mother causing changes in limb length on the offspring, as seen in the SWAMI GenoType measurements.

A lunch suitable for all blood types was served to conference delegates as old friends met and new friendships were forged. Amongst the delegates were Drs. Stuart Semple and Karl Reitmann, long-time MIfHI graduates.

After lunch Dr. Peter D'Adamo ND MIfHI gave his keynote presentation on the main concepts of Generative Medicine, entitled: "Epigenetics and phenotypic plasticity: Methods of assessment and actionable consequences." Dr. D'Adamo introduced some topics in the Generative Paradigm, including network medicine, fragility, Generative Strategies, protein folding, lectins, hormesis, heat shock stress response, amongst other topics. Using the four 'P's of systems biology, Predict, Prevent, Personalise and Participate, Dr. D'Adamo gave examples of how Generative Medicine is put into practice at the University of Bridgeport Center of Excellence, including his unique software platform "Quodlibet." This online computer programme allows the user to investigate the natural agents that interact with specific biochemical pathways, and create personalised prescriptions in real time. The presentation was well received by the audience, most of whom had been studying for their Fellow or Master certification.

After the event, D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition invited all delegates to an informal reception with drinks and canapés at the local Abode hotel. The Lord Mayor of Canterbury attended the event to greet Dr. D'Adamo, and invited him and his wife Martha to a personal guided tour of the City on their next visit. Delegates had a chance to mingle with Dr. D'Adamo and Martha, and group photographs were taken of all attendees.

Forthcoming IfHI Europe events include:
  • IfHI Fellow Certification, Switzerland, 11-13 October 2013, with Silvia Neumann, Naturopath Stefanie Siebinger and Dr. Karl Reitmann, held in German and English with German translation.
  • "Health, Blood Type, Genetics and Food: Discover how the foods you eat react with your blood type and genetic makeup and how this affects your health and energy levels." Ireland, Friday 15th November 2013 with Dr. Prannie Rhatigan, cost: €95 (includes lunch). Full details to be announced shortly on
What some of the delegates said about the UK event:
"Thank you so much for the training/conference weekend, I am still buzzing with enthusiasm."

"Thanks again for a fantastic weekend. I managed to link in and encourage my client at a Nutritional Therapy Consultation to investigate the blood type diet further. Looking forward to building up my practice with my new skills."

"It was a great pleasure to meet you and enjoy such enlightening and lovely moments with you, Dr D'Adamo and his wife. I feel like I now possess a valuable treasure that can benefit many people around me in my hands."

"Had a really great and interesting time last weekend and looking forward to working within the new setup."

Recipes: Roasted Parsnip Soup—Right For All Types
(excerpted from Eat Right for Your Type Personalized Cookbooks)

For more recipes, visit the Recipe Center on or
Personalized Nutrition Using the Blood Type Diet by Chef Kristin O'Connor & Peter J. D'Adamo, ND


Roasted Parsnip SoupRight For All Types

Roasted Parsnip Soup

Autumn's chill is setting in and nothing is more comforting than a delicious bowl of soup. The Roasted Parsnip Soup recipe below is just one example of the many right for your type recipes that you'll find in the Eat Right 4 Your Type Personalized Cookbooks. Simply adjust the type of milk to accommodate your blood type and secretor status! Light a fire in the hearth and enjoy!

  • 4 cups diced parsnips
  • 4 cups diced cauliflower (Type A and O Non-Secretor use zucchini)
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil, divided use
  • Sea salt to taste
  • 2 cups finely sliced sweet onion
  • 2 finely diced Granny Smith apples (O Non-Secretor substitute pears)
  • 2 cups of right for your type milk (cow, goat, soy, almond, or rice)
  • 2 cups water
  • ¼ teaspoon nutmeg (O Secretor omit nutmeg)
  • ¼ cup chopped fresh sage
  1. Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Place parsnips, cauliflower, and peeled garlic cloves on a sheet pan, drizzle with 1 tablespoon olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. Toss to coat.
  3. Roast vegetables in the oven for 35-40 minutes, or until tender and golden brown around the edges.
  4. About 15 minutes before the vegetables are finished cooking in the oven, bring a large stockpot to medium heat and sauté onions in remaining olive oil for 8-10 minutes. Add apples and sauté an additional 3-4 minutes.
  5. Once the onions are tender, and vegetables are roasted, add roasted vegetables and remaining ingredients: milk, water, nutmeg (no nutmeg O Non-Secretor!) and sage to the pot. Bring the soup to a gentle boil and simmer for 20 minutes and blend with an immersion blender or puree in a standing blender. Season with additional sea salt if needed.
  6. Serve warm.

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Right For Your Type News

October 7-13 is Naturopathic Medicine Week in the US!

D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition®

On Sept. 10, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a resolution designating Oct. 7 - Oct. 13 Naturopathic Medicine Week. The resolution recognizes the value of naturopathic medicine in providing safe, effective, and affordable health care and encourages Americans to learn about the role of naturopathic physicians in preventing chronic and debilitating conditions. Read More:


Blood Type Dieter, Kate Upton, Named Model of the Year

D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition®

With her voluptuous curves, Kate Upton is not your typical supermodel. Now awarded Model of the Year at the Style Awards, the Sports Illustrated cover model shares her secret for healthy living (the Blood Type Diet!) and exercising right for her type!


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