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Eat Right 4 Your Type

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Eat Right 4 Your Type

391-page hardcover book

EAT RIGHT 4 YOUR TYPE, the international bestseller by Dr. Peter D'Adamo, continues to change the way we eat and live. Dr. D'Adamo's groundbreaking medical and genetic research reveals that blood type is the key to your biochemical uniqueness.

When you eat right for your type, your body responds the way nature intended. 

With more than 7 million copies in print, translated into 60 languages, and voted one of the "Ten Most Influential Health Books of All Time," EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR TYPE has made a lasting mark in the field of diet and nutrition, with a simple, effective formula: 4 blood types; 4 individual diet plans.

Blood Type O thrives on a lean, high protein diet. Blood Type A thrives on a primarily vegetarian diet. Blood Type B thrives on a mixed diet of meat, fish and dairy. Blood Type AB thrives on a modified vegetarian diet.

EAT RIGHT 4 YOUR TYPE has won praise from leaders in nutritional and genetic science and an international roster of celebrities, but the real proof is in the millions of followers that confirm the reason for its success: It works.

Here's what people have said about Eat Right 4 Your Type:

"I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is trying to lose weight, reduce stress, and increase their overall health. I have lost weight, but more than that, I am healthier than I've ever been in my life. I don't believe Dr. D'Adamo would have done such strenuous research, nor would people be doing so well on the diet, if it was just another way of telling people to eat right and exercise."
"This book was very informative. It is easy to get through quickly with lots of great tables and menus. Would recommend to anyone looking to try a new or different approach to dieting."
"I found this book to be very useful. Other family members have also. I have been following the bloodtype diet since I received the book and feel so much better!"

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Eat Right for Your Blood Type
I bought this book several years ago in 2006. I am a blood type O and I have come to omit all the foods that the Dr. suggests to this day. Although I do not follow his guidelines faithfully, when I have I have felt healthier and complete as well as more mentally alert. The book is amazingly wonderful and insightful. I highly recommend it to anyone. - Sonia Reedy, IL