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The subtlety of better things.
Anti-Aging  •   Brain Support  •   Cardiovascular  •   Cellular Health  •   Changing Seasons  •   Detoxification  •   Digestive Wellness  •   Fatigue & Energy  •   Immune Support  •   Joints, Bone & Mobility  •   Mens Health  •   Respiratory Support  •   Skin Care  •   Stress  •   Vitamins & Minerals  •   Weight & Metabolism  •   Women's Health  •  

Because they are designed simply 'to sell', many supplement companies have no spirit to them. Their formulations have no soul, no sense of enlightenment about them. But a company can't just rationalize or think its way to great products. It has to tap into a deeper source, and ethos of design. There's no substitute and no shortcut. Creativity comes from intuition, from being grounded in your mission.

Steve Jobs said it best: "The way we're going to rachet it up, our species, is to take the best and to spread it around to everybody so that everybody grows up with better things, and starts to understand the subtlety of these better things." We make better things. Yet our design innovation is only one part of the DPN philosophy: Quality and service complete the picture. Our products are sourced organic, GMO-free, and avoid stearates and other questionable additives. Combining these elements with our remarkable paradigm of personalization means that you are participating in the medicine of the future, right now. You may have to look a bit harder, delve a bit deeper, to see the our design subtleties: They are, after all, subtle. However the dividends --inspiration, confidence and effectiveness-- will be spectacular.