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Weight Loss Plan Type AB - Secretor - Apple Shape

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You've completed the questionnaire, now you can begin your customized weight loss program! We've made it easy for you by suggesting the foods, exercise programs, and supplements that will tip the scale in the right direction. Simply follow the program below to maximize your results and minimize lectin damage.

You carry your weight around your middle due to an inability to modulate blood sugar levels and a sensitive digestive system. Dr. D'Adamo has designed your weight loss pack with supplements that favorably influence glucose metabolism and your digestive tract.

Your Personalized Food, Exercise, and Supplement Plan:
Click here to download a copy.

Beneficial Foods Avoid Foods Exercise Regimen Supplement Support
Turkey Pork Yoga Glycoscia
Codfish Chicken Cycling Polyflora AB
Cultured Dairy Corn Tennis Deflect AB
Beets Wheat Aerobics  
Peanuts Peppers Martial Arts Synergistic Supplements
Pineapple Processed Sugars Brisk Walking Protein Blend Powder B/AB
Green Tea High-Fructose Corn Syrup Swimming Histona Ulterior

Blood Type Diet Weight Loss Plan AB Secretor (A)

Your weight loss plan personalized. (Contains: 1 Deflect AB, 1 Polyflora AB, 1 Glycoscia)


(Regular Price: $98.85)

Supports healthy blood sugar levels


(Regular Price: $24.95)
Polyflora AB (probiotic formula)

Innovative probiotic formula customized for type AB individuals


Deflect AB (lectin-blocking formula)

Revolutionary lectin blocking formula designed for type AB individuals


(Regular Price: $36.95)