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Men's Health

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The age-old question, "What does a man want?" certainly applies when it comes to health and nutrition. Although most men would say they want to be healthy, some men seize the concept of rippling muscles as the emblem of health while others focus more on their heart condition as a core aspect of their physical well-being. Although there are a wide range of issues that are uniquely male, some of the basics like proper nutrition cut across age, gender, and race. Following your specific Blood Type diet, GenoType diet or SWAMI protocol can support the nutritional needs of all men. Additionally, there are certain men or certain conditions in men that demand extra support. Dr. Peter D'Adamo, doubly qualified as a scientist and formulator as well as a man himself, has designed a line of formulations specifically targeting male support, whether it is cardiac, stress related or hormonal.

Genoma EQ

Supports healthy hormonal and immune balance with Urtica dioica



Aromatase inhibitor which supports hormone balance & lean muscle mass



Supports healthy nitric oxide metabolism and energy production


Genoma Cardia

Supports healthy cardiovascular function with Hawthorn and Da Shen



Supports digestive, liver and gallbladder function with curcumin


CLA Formula

Offsets metabolic thrifty tendencies by enhancing muscle growth and increasing insulin sensitivity



Easy to assimilate with over 30 nutrients right for all types


Phyto D 2000

Vitamin K and D with Chinese herbs for bone and connective tissue health