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These in demand products fly off our shelves. Experience for yourself why our Deflect, Ara 6 Pure Larch Powder, Exakta Multi-Nutrient, and Dr. Peter D'Adamo's books and test kits are among our most popular products.

Home Blood Typing Kit

Inexpensive & quick results. SHIPS FREE for consumers!


(Regular Price: $9.95)
Deflect O (lectin-blocking formula)

Revolutionary lectin blocking formula designed for type O individuals


Deflect A (lectin-blocking formula)

Revolutionary lectin blocking formula designed for type A individuals



Supports healthy neurotransmitter function


Polyflora O (probiotic formula)

Innovative probiotic formula customized for type O individuals


Polyvite A (multivitamin formula)

Multivitamin nutrition support for Type A individuals


Basic Pack O

Deflect O, Polyvite O, Phytocal O, Polyflora O


(Regular Price: $137.80)
Basic Pack A

Deflect A, Polyvite A, Phytocal A, Polyflora A


(Regular Price: $137.80)
Unibar Chocolate Cherry (12pk)

Delicious, wheat and gluten-free high quality protein bars


Protein Blend Powder O

Whole foods protein base custom-formulated Type Os


Methyl 12 Plus

Biologically active form of vitamin B12 with folic acid



Supports healthy blood sugar levels