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Mental Clarity

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Fuzzy headed? Brain fogged? If you have ever experienced a lack of concentration, inability to focus, or forgetfulness, you are not alone. Although research has shown that as part of the natural aging process, we may experience a progressive decline in cognitive function, it doesn't have to be that way. Following your specific Blood Type diet, GenoType diet or SWAMI protocol can provide the first line of support for ensuring mental clarity and proper brain function throughout your life. Additionally, Dr. D'Adamo has formulated a line of products that provide targeted nutrient supplementation that can have a positive effect on the aging brain.


Helps support mental sharpness and memory with Ashwaganda and Gingko



Modulates the effects of excess adrenaline with Rhodiola rosea



Strengthens resistance to the negative effects of stress with Bacopa



Supports healthy nitric oxide metabolism and energy production


Fucus Plus

Provides metabolic support & encourages healthy thyroid function


Methyl 12 Plus

Provides two biologically active forms of vitamin B12 and folic acid


Histona Ulterior

Supports healthy heart function and optimizes metabolic efficiency


Mr. Itaru's Green Tea

Delicious Japanese green tea with toasted brown rice kernels


Calm Focus Pack

Methyl 12 Plus, Tranquility Base, Attentia


(Regular Price: $62.85)
Phyto D 2000

Vitamin K and D with Chinese herbs for bone and connective tissue health


Membrosia Combo

Membrosia Complex and Membrosia Fluidizer - essential nutrients that support cell health.


(Regular Price: $69.90)
Cellular Weight Loss Program

Membrosia Complex, Membrosia Fluidizer, and Glycosia - essential nutrients that support cellular weight loss.


(Regular Price: $94.85)